Hi there everyone! I am Bipasha Zaman, the writer, and creator of MyHealthTales (my little corner on the internet). As a blogger, I have always loved being fascinated by topics related to health. Writing has been, is, and will always be one of my favorite hobbies.

Writing is one of the ways in which I can talk with my readers and I use this as a means to channel information about health to my readers.

Therefore, I always try to share information on my blog  MyHealthTales to help my readers in maintaining good health and make them aware of various topics around health. 

MyHealthTales is an online platform where I share my interests with people across the globe. The blog was created in early 2022 to enrich readers’ knowledge globally. The content on my website usually comprises Health, Diet and Nutrition, Weight loss, Diseases, and Fitness.

I also share some of the Home Remedies, which are my personal favorite, on my blog. Since I am a girl, I have had a keen interest in exploring different beauty products, grooming trends, and remedies. Therefore, I like to share about Beauty too. 

Health A-Z:

As the name suggests, health is the first and foremost reason why I started this blog. The pandemic has clearly shown us the importance and benefits of having a healthy body and mind. Through my blog, I try to share symptoms, cures, reasons, lifestyles, and other changes to ensure protection from such diseases. 

Home Remedies:

The next section of my blog is about home remedies. We usually go over the board and try various medicines, and many undergo surgeries for issues that can be solved at home. Therefore, I love sharing tried-and-tested home remedies that can help readers get rid of their problems without spending huge amounts of money on them. Anyway, who likes to waste their money? 


The third section of my blog is dedicated to diseases. No, no, do not misunderstand me. I hate them much more than you do, readers. Therefore, through my blog, I try to answer the questions one might be struggling with when one suffers from a particular disease. 


As you know (by now), how much I love staying fit and healthy, how can I miss my favorite part, fitness? In this section, I try to share tips, exercises, or other wellness activities to keep one’s mind and body healthy. 

Weight Loss:

Losing weight is a difficult task. And in this process, we usually try out anything and everything we think might help. Therefore, I always try to share honest reviews, opinions, and information on multiple weight losing products. 

Diet and Nutrition:

A healthy diet full of nutritious food items is necessary for promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle. Thus, I love sharing different diets one needs for a particular lifestyle. 


The last section of my blog is dedicated to exploring, reviewing, and updating on the latest trends, products, and technologies in Beauty.