The human race has developed exponentially in recent years. People have gone from improving living standards with miraculous inventions to a point where they can modify their physical appearance based on their personal preferences or liking.

The material that has enabled people to do so is silicone, an artificial compound. Silicone is a unique combination of elements like carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, and experts formulate it in laboratories. 

People use it in conjunction with other chemicals for cosmetic and surgical implants. The most common form is liquid Silicone, also called a biopolymer injection.

What Is The Use Of Biopolymer Injections?

Silicone has been the center of much controversy ever since it became popular in the beauty world. Initially, experts believed that biopolymer injections were non-toxic and safe to use in the body. 

As a result, the use of biopolymers for augmenting or modifying the appearance of genitals, buttocks, abdomen, and breasts became a thriving trend. 

Although these fillers were initially successful in satisfying people’s beauty standards, later, people realized that they were associated with several risks. The human body cannot incorporate foreign objects and fights against them.

Hence, many people with such implants eventually suffered severe toxic reactions in which biopolymer removal was the only viable solution. 

After numerous similar encounters, the FDA warned against silicone as an injectable filler. 

Harmful effects of biopolymer injections:

Biopolymer injections systematically spread throughout the body, culminating in adverse reactions which can cause severe health problems. Thus, you should not force yourself to meet society’s ever-changing beauty standards by opting for biopolymer fillers. 

Read the article below to learn about this procedure’s morbid and painful side effects. 

Complications arising from silicone biopolymers can manifest themselves immediately after injection or can reveal themselves as chronic issues years after.

Based on their onset, clinicians categorize these problems as acute or chronic. 

Some of the most prevalent issues include the following.

3. Permanent scarring:

Many people use biopolymer injections to tighten their skin. It is a complex procedure, and injecting too much silicone or failing to factor in any underlying health issue the patient may have, leads to lumps and ridges.  

Lumps and bumps look even worse, especially if they manifest on the visible areas of the body, such as your face. 

In this case, the only solution is to remove them surgically. However, the removal may cause permanent scarring that doctors can not eliminate with surgery or treatment.

2. Permanent disfigurement:

No law condemns people from getting surgical implants as long as they are safe. Nothing is wrong about getting an approved breast implant which differs from injectable ones. 

The FDA advises people to refrain from getting injections because many fraudulent practitioners, only interested in making money inject silicone into the body instead of using the dermal fillers sanctioned by the authority. 

Non-medical silicone is injurious to the body. It courses through the entire system and permanently disfigures body parts. 

3. Physical issues:

People who have opted for biopolymer injections for an extended time complain about experiencing shortness of breath and recurring chest pain. 

Both these problems are an indication of a stroke. Many patients also experience difficulty speaking and weakness in their legs, face, or arms. 

Such issues hinder patients from performing daily activities because it is impossible for them to walk without feeling dizzy or encountering bouts of severe headaches.

4. Loss of skin:

Since people inject biopolymer injections into the skin, it is bound to encounter the impending reactions of the substance. 

Some of the harmful effects of biopolymers on the skin include numbness, redness, and discoloration due to inflammation and necrosis. 

Inexperienced practitioners can damage superficial nerve fibers while injecting the silicone, causing numbness and paralysis of muscles in that area. 

If too much silicone enters the skin, it triggers inflammation, attracting white blood cells to the region, which form granulomas. 

Inflammation also causes itching and burning.

5. ASIA Syndrome:

The PMC researched to prove that biopolymers injections can trigger the onset of Autoimmune/Inflammatory disease induced by adjuvants syndrome. 

Although people consider silicone a non-toxic and chemically inert compound, it can generate autoimmune reactions in those with a genetic predisposition leading to ASIA syndrome. 

The clinical manifestations of this syndrome vary between people. They can range from local inflammatory reactions to large-scale systemic inflammatory reactions. 

A biopolymer injection into the buttock area activates this syndrome, which aggravates other autoimmune diseases in the body.

6. Causes of death:

Non-medical injectable silicone migrates beyond the injected area. In such circumstances, the situation becomes grave, and patients encounter agonizing pain and serious injuries. 

In several cases, these injections damage blood vessels resulting in hemorrhages and hematoma. These injections can also create a blockage in blood vessels resulting in embolism. 

An embolism in an artery supplying the heart causes a heart attack which can prove fatal. Likewise, an embolism in the brain can cause an equally dangerous stroke.


Even though surgery is a successful way of removing biopolymer fillers, doctors advise against it because it leads to permanent scarring. 

Instead, opt for Cool Laser therapy removal. It is the ideal way to eliminate biopolymers from the body because it has very little risk and does not cause any visible scarring. 

The laser emits light of a short duration that targets a small area of the skin to vacuum the foreign substances. Hence if you made the mistake of taking biopolymers injections, you must reach out to a reliable and experienced doctor and schedule a visit right away so you can receive the appropriate treatment. 


By now, you must have realized that the beauty standards dominant in society are always transient and not worth your health and life. 

Opting for biopolymer injections only to fulfill the current beauty fad is not wise and extremely detrimental to your health because it can end your life. 

If you have injected liquid silicone into your body before, you should consider removing it because the healthcare problems associated with this material manifest themselves sooner or later.