Sadly, the dark energy pre workout has withdrawn a few months ago. According to reports, the warehouses were plundered or something similar. No need to worry, a fantastic substitute is recommended later in this review!

We will now review. If Magnitude Life Sciences is unfamiliar to you, I didn’t either until I came across their dark energy pre workout (sometimes known as Dark Matter Pre-Workout). You can follow their example if you wish to stand out in the pre-workout industry. Label the product with both DMAA and DMHA to see what happens!

We will examine the label and flavour in this thorough review of Dark Energy Pre Workout, but more importantly, I will relate with you my personal experience and what you may anticipate.

What Is Dark Energy Pre Workout?

Dark energy preworkout by Kreed provides a quick energy boost and enhances exercise performance. After a strenuous workout, it contains chemicals including beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, L-citrulline, caffeine, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, and others that support muscle recovery.

It is genuinely claimed that Dark Energy Pre Workout is a study supplement “not for human consumption.” Still, a sizable portion of people use it as a pre-workout.

Dark Energy by Magnitude Life Sciences features some contentious components. In the end, it is designed to provide gym visitors with a significant boost in energy, focus, and strength unlike anything else.

Although the FDA has actually banned some of the chemicals in Dark Energy, many people still consume the supplement.

Dark Energy Pre Workout Review:


The Bombsicle flavour is passable, in my experience. However, because this is a stim addict’s pre-workout, you shouldn’t really care. People appear to favour a few more recent flavours from 2020, like Rocket and Blast.

Experience At The Gym:

Let me tell you something, this pre-workout feels incredible, people. With great, clear, and laser-like focus. But above all things, the improvement in my mood and sense of well-being is the strongest I’ve had since using the JACK3D or APS Mesomorph. Or, even better, how about CRAZE!?

This sensation should persist for two to three hours, which is a significant portion of your workout. I haven’t experienced any negative impacts from Dark Energy yet, or any other problems.

Remember that Dark Energy takes roughly 20 minutes to activate. Therefore, if you are initially certain that nothing is occurring while you are sitting there, wait. Once it starts working, there is a surge of intense energy and unwavering focus.

How Effective Is Dark Energy Pre Workout?

It is likely that Dark Energy Pre-Workout will be effective based on the component profile and dosages. In particular, it appears to be very beneficial for boosting energy and CNS activity.

Due to CNS activation, the chemicals in Dark Energy might also make you stronger and more powerful.

What Is In Dark Energy Pre Workout?

Over time, Dark Energy has transformed into one of the more divisive pre-workout supplements available today. Not in relation to experience, but rather in relation to the label. Dark Energy has grown to be very sought-after since it contains DMAA, which is now illegal. Without further ado, let’s discuss dark energy pre workout‘s components.

Dark Energy Ingredient Label:

In this in-depth analysis of dark energy pre workout, we’ll look at the label and flavour, but what’s more significant is that we’ll share my own experience and what you can probably expect.

Let’s examine each of the components of Dark Energy as we’ve already mentioned that some of them are fairly contentious:

  • DMAA
  • DMHA
  • GABA 
  • DMAE 
  • L-Taurine
  • Arginine Malate 
  • Alpha Alanine
  • Anhydrous caffeine 

DMAA (60 mg) (60 mg):

The famed stimulant DMAA is known for giving users an insane amount of energy while doing out. I believe Magnitude Life Sciences set the dosage appropriately at 60 mg. These days, pre-workout supplements like the brand-new Crack Pre Workout include 120 mg of DMAA.

DMHA (200 mg) (200 mg):

Then there is DMHA, which is DMAA’s less well-known companion. Similar in its effects, DMHA serves primarily to increase energy levels and the pre-overall workout’s intensity.

GABA (50 mg) (50 mg):

GABA is not something you encounter every day. I think the component of Dark Energy that elevates your mood is GABA. Although it is supposed to relax you, in this instance it makes you feel “glad.”

DMAE (750 mg) (750 mg):

Furthermore, this chemical list is loaded with 750 mg of DMAE. You experience positive cognitive impacts from DMAE. That intense concentration we all seek in the gym. 750 mg is a reasonable dosage and is equivalent to Assassin V6.

L-Taurine (2 g) (2 g):

Taurine follows, but I don’t really feel it with this DMAA pre-workout. Perhaps a tiny energy boost, but that’s not what we’re looking for.

Arginine Malate (6 g):

Citrulline malate is available for the pumps at 6 grammes, however, it is by no means a luxury supplement. Along with Citrulline Malate, L-Taurine, which I just described, contributes to your impressive muscularity.

Alpha Alanine (3.2 g):

The tingles we love in a pre-workout will be provided by beta-alanine. Dark Energy excels at doing that. a sensation that permeates your body and makes you feel energised. The usual dosage is 3.2 grams, however, when combined with the other stims, this pre-workout is fantastic.

Anhydrous Caffeine (400 Mg):

We are all aware of it. You’ll have the energy for your workout thanks to this. 400 mg of caffeine is a little bit higher than what we usually see in a pre-workout. However, there are more powerful pre-workouts available that contain up to 600 mg.

Is Dark Energy Pre Workout Prohibited?

On its label, Dark Energy contains DMAA, a substance that the FDA has outlawed. So, although the pre-workout supplement contains prohibited substances, it is not illegal. Numerous contemporary pre-workouts, including Crack and Herolean, openly advertise the presence of DMAA.

Does Dmaa Still Exist In Dark Energy?

Since DMAA is still listed as a component on the dark energy pre workout ingredient label, we can only presume that it is still an illegal chemical. The newer Dark Energy batches and the older Dark Energy batches didn’t seem to differ at all to me.

Safeness Of Dark Energy Pre Workout:

Only seasoned users should take dark energy preworkout, a tough pre-workout. But there is always a possibility that you will encounter some adverse effects, just as with every supplement.

Dark Energy Pre Workout

Final Thought:

If it wasn’t already obvious, the Dark Energy pre workout is one of the greatest ones we’ve tried recently. There is simply no possibility that you won’t love your time here. Don’t use it excessively is one thing you should bear in mind! Why are you still here, then? I advise you to go get a tub while they are still available.


Q. Is It Possible To Purchase Dark Energy On Amazon?

No. It’s no longer accessible anywhere.

Q. How Much Dark Energy Contains DMAA And DMHA?

200mg of DMHA and 60mg of DMAA are present in Dark Energy.

Q. Has The Fda Approved Dark Energy Pre-Workout?

There is no doubt that Dark Energy Pre Workout is not FDA-approved. Although it can forbid specific substances from being consumed by humans, the FDA does not approve any dietary supplements.

Q. Was Dark Energy Changed In Any Way?

No. Late in 2019, the phrase “research” was added to the Dark Energy label, but the product’s contents and general composition remained the same.

Q. Dark Energy Is Forbidden?

Yes. It is not currently being produced.