Wondering how long until a tooth infection kills you? Cavities are one of the most common signs of tooth decay. Untreated cavities or improper cautiousness exposes them to the threat of tooth infections.

These tooth infections can cause fatal complications circulating infections all over your body. Tooth infection leading to casualty is one the most rare yet possible reasons. Therefore, it becomes critical to take proper dental care. 

If you’re concerned about tooth decay’s potential to evolve tooth infection as well, this article will help you clear the air. We will discuss everything from the symptoms of tooth decay to Infection becoming fatal. The article will also provide some tips to prevent these infections. 

What Is Tooth Infection? How Is It Caused?

Before beginning with how long until a tooth infection kills you, it is extremely necessary to learn what a tooth infection is. A tooth infection happens when bacteria penetrate the pulp, a smooth tissue that is located at the interior of one’s tooth. 

The cavities in the tooth serve as the access points for bacteria in the innermost blood vessels and nerves. Medically termed as dental abscess, tooth infections are a compilation of pus developed in the various regions of the tooth including gums and bones. 

Bacterial infection takes place from intense or continuous tooth damage, decay, or gum infections. It results in excruciating toothache, sensitivity in the area, swelling of the gums, and inflammation in the jaw. 

The query of how long until a tooth infection kills you relies on several factors, one being the kind of tooth infection. Typically, tooth infections are classified into three types: Peripheral abscess, Periodontal abscess, and Gingival abscess. 

How To Determine An Infected Tooth?

Regardless, how long until a tooth infection kills you? To determine tooth infection at an early stage, look for these discomforting symptoms:

  • Persistent bad breath,
  • Pain while chewing, 
  • Pain or discomfort while consuming hot or cold fluids,
  • Severe or consistent toothache spreading all over the jaw, neck, or ear,
  • Swelling of the face, cheek, or neck,
  • Bump-like pus formed at the gums,
  • Fever, and
  • Release of a foul-swelling, tasting salty liquid in the mouth. 

Can Tooth Infection Take Your Life?

how long until a tooth infection kills you
how long until a tooth infection kills you

The answer to how long until a tooth infection kills you lies in the time during the spread of the disease. It takes months for tooth infection to form completely. Despite the infection being dormant and asymptomatic at times, it can cause life-threatening complications when left untreated for a longer period.

Generally, the abscess takes a longer time to spread towards one’s gums, tissues and bones, jawline, neck, and ears and ultimately becomes fatal. Once the abscess forms, the infection causes swelling, discomfort, and severe pain around the area. 

Moreover, factors like old age, high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes can increase dental abscess’s potential risk of complications. To tackle how long until a tooth infection kills you, determining a tooth infection in its initial stage is very crucial to keep oneself safe from its hazard. 

What Are The Symptoms That The Tooth Infection Spreading In The Body?

When tooth infection is not taken seriously and left untreated, the infection is fully capable of spreading to other body parts like the jawline, face, neck, and even brain. Therefore, one must look for the signs that the infection has started to spread throughout the body to treat it. 

The symptoms defining that tooth infection is slowly spreading in the body include:

  • Severe pain,
  • Pain while opening the mouth or touching the face and jaw,
  • Stiffness in the neck area,
  • Redness of skin,
  • Swelling all over the face and neck,
  • Fever,
  • Chills all over the body,
  • Changes in one’s voice,
  • Feeling sick, and
  • Extreme fatigue or feeling drowsy.

In case of how long until a tooth infection kills you, once you develop the medical condition sepsis seek emergency medical aid immediately. Sepsis displays symptoms such as confusion, fear, shortness of breath, sweaty skin, high heart rate, and blood pressure. 

How Can One Prevent Tooth Infection?

One must have heard the proverb, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. After identifying the infection in the early stage, it becomes very crucial to know the ways that can help you prevent it from happening. We have got some tips one needs to practice in their everyday life to keep the infection at bay.

1.  Cut extra sugar:

Who doesn’t love bingeing chocolates on dull days? If how long until a tooth infection kills you is your concern, it is quite important to understand how sweet foods affect your teeth. 

Frequent and large consumption of sweet and acidic dishes tends to wear out the enamel. Even sugary drinks expose the tooth to risks of infection. Therefore, it would be smart to limit candies, coffees, and sodas for good dental health.

2. Follow Proper Oral Hygiene:

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly, and cleaning your tongue to avoid bad breath are some of the ways to take proper care of your oral hygiene. Initiate an oral regime and follow it religiously.

3. Eat Balanced Diet:

Trying to eat a balanced diet containing an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. It helps to provide nourishment and maintain good overall health. To limit the risk of bacteria, chew food properly and slowly.

4. Routine Dental Checkups:

A dentist can best provide information on how long until a tooth infection kills you. Visiting the dentist twice a year helps in recognizing the potential infection and preventing it as well. 

5. Dental Sealants: 

Dental sealants are cap-like structures made up of plastic lining the top of back teeth to provide them protection against bacteria. If one feels the need, they can opt for it.


To limit how long until a tooth infection kills you, one needs to pay attention to its spread. Tooth infections when left untreated for a longer period can cause fatal complications. Practicing proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups helps in preventing dental infections and the likelihood of serious infection.

While it’s essential to locate a tooth infection in the initial days, it is quite rare for the infection to take the potential severity of death. Timely detection and seeking the right medical aid are the keys to preventing severe dental complications from becoming fatal. Consult your healthcare specialist if you suspect any infection.