It’s time to decide on your healthcare alternatives for 2023, whether you or a loved one is a Medicare beneficiary or is approaching retirement age. This includes determining whether you want to modify your current plan or sign up for a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan for the first time.  

Therefore, this article will help you to understand the basic things you need to look for in your Medicare Advantage plan. Meanwhile, before jumping into the things that you need to take care of, let’s have a look that how these plans work!

How does Medicare Advantage work? 

One of the four components of Medicare is Medicare Advantage, often known as Part C: 

  • Hospital Insurance under Medicare Part A 
  • Medical Insurance under Medicare Part B 
  • The advantage of Medicare Part C (combines Parts A and B) 
  • Prescription Medication Coverage under Medicare Part D 

Private health plans having contracts with Medicare are known as Medicare Advantage plans. Your medical services that are covered by Medicare are provided by the private plan if you choose to enroll in an MA plan. Now, you need to have Original Medicare coverage to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan (Parts A & B). Also, if you wish to sign up for a Part D/Medicare drug plan, then you can definitely go for it.

Part A of Original Medicare pays for some of the costs of services like doctor visits, durable medical devices, labs, and hospital and skilled nursing facility stays. But it doesn’t cover all expenses.

While Medicare Advantage plans to include Original Medicare’s essential coverages, they also give additional benefits that can assist you in achieving and maintaining your health and wellness objectives. Even more non-medical perks like meal delivery services and nutrition coaching are sometimes included in Medicare Advantage plans.

These programs are intended to encourage an active way of life where you have a sense of community. 

Tips You Need To Know To Find A Good Medicare Plan For You:

Here are the tips you always need to keep in mind before choosing the perfect plan for you. 

1. Insurance choices:

Examine your current coverage first and then ensure that you must add anything before the subsequent enrollment session. It can be beneficial to ask yourself these questions, particularly if you’re beginning the Medicare enrollment process. 

Some beneficial issues that need to be ensured are as follows: 

  • Do you intend to keep your present physicians or are you getting your favorite and trustable doctor or hospital under the Medicare plan? 
  • Do you frequently travel or spend much of the year at a holiday home? 
  • How frequently do you go to the doctor or other types of services? 
  • Do you regularly use prescription medications? 
  • Depending on the plan you select, you may consider some or all of these issues while making your choice. 

2. Current insurance policy:

Review any current insurance policies you intend to keep using before enrolling in Medicare.

Find out how the coverage under this plan interacts with Medicare by speaking with your benefits representative or an insurance agent. Check eligibility and coverage details on, or get in touch with a local healthcare insurance agent or benefits representative to discover the best Medicare plan for you or a loved one. 

3. Primary care professionals: 

Find out if your existing healthcare provider participates in the plan or if you’re considering doing so then is it crucial to you! Traditional Medicare gives you a better chance of being able to stick with your existing provider. You must choose a primary care physician from the HMO Advantage Plan’s list of approved physicians if you’re considering one of those plans. 

Meanwhile, you have a little more leeway with a PPO Advantage Plan because you are not required to see the plan’s authorized in-network doctors. But if that’s the case, your out-of-pocket costs will be greater. 

4. Support for prescription drugs:

Prescription drug expenses are not covered by traditional Medicare parts A and B. If you’re interested in this kind of insurance, you must buy the Medicare Part D plan or combined coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan. 

5. Constant travel or second residence:

You might consider using the traditional Medicare plan if you regularly travel within the United States or spend much time at a second home. Traditional Medicare is recognized everywhere in the nation, and you don’t need any kind of referral to see a specialist or to choose a primary care physician. 

However, regional regions of coverage are the only ones available under HMO and PPO Medicare Advantage Plans. You might also be required to use medical professionals who are a part of their approved network or to coordinate your treatment through your primary care physician. 

6. Cost: 

Medicare Part A covers hospital care and will typically be given at no cost to you whereas Part B is an elective plan that requires a monthly premium and provides medical care. 

Your Part B premium will be immediately deducted from your benefit payment if you receive benefits from Social Security, the Railroad Retirement Board, or the Office of Personnel Management. You’ll receive a bill if you don’t receive these benefit installments.

You must also pay a monthly premium if you decide to purchase Medicare Plan D coverage for prescribed medications. The actual cost of this insurance will vary depending on the plans offered in your region. 

7. Review the rankings: 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses a five-star quality rating method to assess health plans. The Star Rating can reveal much about a company’s member satisfaction, benefits, customer service, and general level of excellence.

Take note of those constellations. Companies obtain an updated rating every year based on responses to surveys and questionnaires from actual members. These scores make it simple to eliminate subpar performers. 


The majority of Americans have access to more than 25 different plans, each with a different premium, copay, and network of doctors and pharmacies. Consider your options carefully and select the one that will perform best for you out of all of these options. As a result, this article will help you to choose the right strategy for you.