It’s really hard to see our loved ones near their end of life. It’s hard to accept that it’s their end moment. But we can do a few things for them in their last moments. This kind of care is given during a certain period, like when your loved one is near the end of their life. You can give them this kind of care at that time to make their last moments on this earth good and comfortable. Here are some of the steps you can follow to give them comfort in their last moments:

Talk With Them

During those times, they stop talking with people. They tend to keep quiet and sit idle. Talk with them, help them recognize you, and share your all-day activity with them; tell them what you have done from the morning, what you have eaten, and if they have eaten as well. Encourage them to talk with you. Ask them how they are feeling and try to divert their mind from the thought of their incoming death.

  • At that time, they tend to get emotional very fast. They cry about little things without any reason. At that time, they also talk about meaningless things which may have never happened. They tend to forget everything and everyone, even their own family members.
  • Hold their hands in your hands, and rub them gently to make their hands feel warm. Message their feet as well and try to make them feel warm and comfortable. Try to make them as much comfortable as you can.

Keep Them Warm

Cover the patient’s body with a warm blanket to keep them warm and comfortable. Because they may feel cold and their feet, hands, and other body parts often turn cold. Play their favorite songs or movies, and fix dim lights in their room. You can also give some soothing fragrances in the room to make them feel even more comfortable.

Treat Them Kindly

When people grow old, they behave like a child, so we should be patient with them and treat them like fragile ones. We might be busy with our daily life, but we should put these aside when we are with them. We should make them feel safe because they get scared easily at that time. One must be supportive towards them and try to make them happy or cheerful. Old people often tend to feel lonely, so listen to their wishes and support them to make them happy at the end of their life.

Give Them Ice Chips

When one suffers from chronic diseases, one might get dehydrated. They tend to eat and drink less, so don’t force them to eat anything they don’t want to eat. Instead, give them ice chips or liquids to increase strength so they can take their medicines.

Pay Attention To Yourself

People who care for the chronically ill, often forget about their own well-being. You also need to take a break from caring for others and recharge your own life. Learn more about in home respite care as they can provide you and your family a break from your monotonous life. You can relax for a few days, go out with your family and friends, do outdoor activities, and much more.