In contemporary society, an increasing number of individuals aspire to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with regular physical activity playing a central role. With the rise of modern technologies and changing societal norms, the popularity of Working Out At Home is growing significantly. This report takes an in-depth look at the advantages of Working Out At Home compared to the traditional alternative of visiting a gym. 

While the gym has long been considered the ultimate destination for fitness, this report highlights the shift in perception and the numerous benefits associated with creating a personal fitness environment at home.

From time savings and financial considerations to maintaining privacy and flexibility in workout schedules, we explore the diverse aspects that make Working Out At Home an appealing and effective choice for many. 

By understanding these advantages, we aim to provide insight into the emerging trend of Working Out At Home and shed light on the considerations that prompt individuals to embark on their fitness journey at home.

Cost Working Out At Home VS Cost Gym:

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, engaging in physical activity is crucial for a thriving life. Exercising brings about increased energy, a heightened sense of well-being, and the potential for weight loss or weight maintenance. Not everyone finds enjoyment in going to the gym or feels comfortable exercising around others.

Alternatively, one might simply lack the time to visit a gym during regular hours. In such cases, considering the purchase of fitness equipment to create a ‘home gym‘ becomes an option. But what should you pay attention to in that case?

Cost at home:

If you choose to gym at home, these are the possible costs that will be incurred:

Cross trainer:

The price averages a few hundred dollars.

Rowing machine: 

A cross-trainer is an effective means of working on both your endurance and muscle building. It primarily targets the muscles in your buttocks and legs, while the handles also target your arm muscles. This will cost you about $219.53 


A treadmill offers the opportunity to strengthen your endurance as well as train specific muscle groups such as the back, buttocks, and legs. The more affordable models usually cost around $219.53, while those used in gyms are often several hundred euros more expensive.


A multistation offers a range of fitness equipment integrated into one system, giving you a complete home gym almost instantly. However, its purchase price is considerable, as you will soon have to pay several $1097.63

Cost at the gym:

The average monthly cost of a gym membership varies and usually depends on the time of day. Working out during the day is often more economical than in the evening, and sometimes you are tied to an annual subscription. Even with an affordable subscription, you can easily spend several hundred dollars a year. 

With that amount, however, you could buy at least one piece of Working Out At Home equipment, which is more sustainable than an annual subscription. Moreover, you won’t then be obliged to go to the gym every week.

How Often Are People Working Out At Home Vs How Often People Go To The Gym?

Most fitness centers and gyms experience a 50% drop in their new member retention within the initial six months. Every year, only a minimal fraction of fitness centers see a member loss of less than 30%. This offers a gym proprietor a notable chance to engage with a greater number of members more substantially. Unfortunately, the termination of memberships is an inherent aspect of the business.

The trend of Working Out At Home was already on the rise well before the onset of COVID-19, but its appeal has skyrocketed amid the pandemic. The convenience and flexibility offered by online fitness have become undeniable, especially as individuals seek to maintain their physical activity through home workouts. 

From the first quarter to the second quarter of 2020, during the initial phase of the pandemic, there was a global increase of 46% in downloads for Working Out At Home apps. According to a report, 60% of Americans found their home workouts so satisfying that they had no intentions of returning to a traditional gym setting.

Experience Of Home Gym Compared To Gym In A Fitness Center:

In most cases, people find that practicing gymnastics at home is a practical and intelligent decision. One of the advantages cited for home gymnastics is that it saves time and money.

Additionally, it is also pointed out that home gymnastics is more convenient because you can decide when to start. Furthermore, you don’t have to keep an eye on the machines that are occupied, as is sometimes the case in the gym. 

One of the main benefits of home gymnastics is that it is easier to involve family members. So, overall, most individuals find that practicing gymnastics at home is preferable to doing so at a gym.

Guidance at the gym has its advantages, especially if you are inexperienced. However, with helpful apps and video tutorials now available, working out at home has become a favorable option.

How Many People In America Work Out (Both In The Gym And At Home)?

Surveying thousands of Americans to explore their exercise preferences, a study revealed that 38% rarely or never engage in physical activity. Home-based workouts are notably more favored, with 52% of U.S. adults expressing that they exercise regularly (from weekly to monthly) at home, compared to 28% who maintain a regular exercise routine at a gym. 

Individuals who exercise at home are more than 21% likelier than those who frequent the gym to report working out once a week or more. This suggests that some element of the home environment contributes to increased exercise frequency.

Exercise At Home With Playbook:

Exercising at home is easier than ever these days, and fitness apps play a crucial role in creating effective and personalized workout experiences. One notable player in this field is the fitness app Playbook, which takes home fitness to the next level. With Playbook, users have access to a diverse selection of workout programs designed and taught by experienced fitness coaches and famous athletes.

Playbook’s strength lies not only in the variety of workout options but also in the detailed instructions and personalized guidance that accompany each session. Whether you are a beginner just starting to work out or an experienced athlete looking for new challenges, Playbook offers customizable workouts to suit different fitness levels and goals.

What sets Playbook apart is the ability to enjoy professional guidance and motivation from home. The app allows you to schedule workouts at times that are convenient for you, giving you the flexibility to fit your fitness routine into your busy schedule.

In short, Playbook makes exercising at home attractive and effective by combining high-quality workouts, personalized guidance, and the convenience of flexible workout schedules. It is a valuable companion for anyone striving to achieve fitness goals from the comfort of their own home. 

Concretely, through the Playbook’s app, you can easily follow a trainer and their workouts.  The first step is to pick the coaching package that fits your goals. The second is to fill out your information to get in touch. 

The outcome of the third step will be to answer your questions and ensure certain coaching matches your goals. If you are all set then it is time to proceed with the fourth step. You will meet your coach within 24-48 hours & get to work immediately.