The term “aerobic” literally means “with oxygen,” which indicates that breathing determines how much oxygen gets to the muscles to help them burn energy and move. Aerobic exercises are any physical activity that accelerates heart rate and uses big muscle groups.

Aerobic exercises benefit everyone, regardless of age, weight, or fitness level. But “being male” is one of the most critical risk factors for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. For this reason, men should prioritize heart health by performing aerobic exercises. Here are some aerobic exercises that can help you get started.

1. Walking:

Aerobic exercise doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective, and walking is about as easy as it gets. Regular, brisk walking reduces the chance of having a heart attack. It can also reduce the risk of getting other chronic diseases.

Another option is to use a weighted vest or backpack. Wear a fitness watch or heart rate monitor on your fitness walks to ensure you’re working hard enough to get a solid aerobic workout, especially if you’re not using a treadmill where you can check your heart rate. 

Additionally, fat burners are a great supplement to your regular walking routine. Most men looking weight use these products to help them lose pounds and get fitter quickly. Always remember to walk only as far and as fast as you feel safe doing so. You should immediately stop if you experience cardiovascular symptoms during exercises, such as chest pain or dizziness.

2. Swimming:

Swimming is an excellent option to strengthen your heart and lungs. It also helps your body become more efficient at using oxygen. Your resting heart and breathing rates may improve as a result of this.

Start slowly if you wish to add swimming to your routine. Start each workout with a slow 5- to 10-minute swim to get your muscles ready to move. The number of laps you swim should be increased gradually. In time, you’ll be able to take on more challenging strokes and swim faster.

You can either swim continually for your desired distance, or you can do interval training by swimming 100 meters, resting for a minute, and repeating ten times. If you’re not a strong swimmer, many pools provide lessons to help adults improve their abilities.

3. Hiking:

Considering that staying at home for work, meals, and exercise can get monotonous and that strolls around the block can become boring after a while, we recommend taking your walks to the next level by upgrading them to hikes.

Going up and down hills gets the heart pumping, providing an excellent aerobic workout. Additionally, working out in nature improves muscle mass, cognitive function, and the release of feel-good endorphins.

Hiking is merely walking in the wilderness, but due to the added difficulty of the terrain, it is often more effective as an aerobic exercise.

4. Rowing:

Compared to other types of exercise, rowing offers advantages in aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This means that the entire body benefits from doing it. By doing this, you may burn calories, get in better cardiovascular shape, and even tone some of your major muscle groups. It’s also a low-impact activity, making it a good choice for anyone with knee or joint problems that make running uncomfortable.

And if you row regularly, you’ll reap the cardio benefits, too, so you can keep going for longer. Moreover, rowing is another excellent way to shed extra pounds and burn fat.

While only some have ready access to a boathouse on a lake or river, rowing machines provide a great alternative for aerobic exercises.

5. Cycling:

Cycling comprises various activities, from outdoor cycling on a Fuji road bike, and mountain biking, to indoor variations like spinning and stationary bike training. Aerobic exercises, like cycling, benefit the cardiovascular system and respiratory systems. Your fitness level will rise when you breathe more deeply, sweat more heavily, and experience higher core body temperatures.

In addition to these benefits, cycling can also improve balance. Riding a bike, whether indoors or out, requires you to maintain a specific position, which can be used to improve your posture. Cycling is a great way to build core stability, which is essential to enhance your coordination.

Cycling is an excellent low-impact cardio workout for guys, regardless of how they pedal. The lower body is strengthened, and you can easily switch up your routine, resistance, and pace to progress with your routine.

6. ‍Burpees:

Doing burpees regularly can help you live a longer and healthier life by increasing your cardiovascular fitness and reducing your blood pressure. In addition, you may execute a set of burpees without needing any special equipment, making them an excellent choice for a home workout.

A minimum of 10 burpees every 60 seconds (burning 14.3 calories per minute) is recommended. The burpee is one of the men’s most effective cardiovascular exercises since it rapidly increases metabolic rate.


Aerobic exercise should not feel like a chore; it should be a rewarding part of a fulfilling lifestyle. A wide range of aerobic exercises is available, including those we’ve listed here. If you work out your heart, you increase your chances of living a long and healthy life.