The problem of large breasts among women is increasing at a fast pace. It increases the shoulder and neck pain, exercising becomes difficult, and rashes start appearing on the chest. To get relief from all these problems, women undergo breast reduction surgery. 

Having this breast reduction can make them feel literally light and weightless. The options of clothing with wide grooves become available to the women to wear. It may seem to be highly expensive, but you will be amazed to know that breast reduction surgery cost is very sensible and the insurance companies easily cover its cost if you are facing severe pains. 

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What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Before getting any further, we must know what certainly this breast reduction surgery is! It is a critical operation, which is performed to reduce the extra fat, skin, and tissues from one’s breast. Women with comparatively large breasts out of proportion to the rest of the body parts, facing neck pain, back pain, or heavyweight, can easily go for this surgery. Several men with gynecomastia conditions ( having extra-large breasts in males) also go through this surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation: 

Before having the surgery, proper consultation with the doctor is necessary. Several people say, why Doctor? Doctors will help you to know whether this major surgery is required for your body or not. They might proceed with some essential tests like a proper routine examination, the medical history, urine, blood, mammogram, and other lab tests. Thus, having a consultation with the doctor is very necessary before the surgery. 

What Is Its Procedure? 

Doctors advise their patients not to take any anti-inflammatory tablets like aspirin or ibuprofen before undergoing breast reduction surgery, as those items increase the bleeding. 

  • The plastic surgeon performs the procedure using a marker to draw the outline for incisions around the areola. 
  • The size and position of the nipples are placed as per the preference. 
  • The incision continues beneath the breast, and at that point, they remove the extra skin, tissue, or fats around the breast. 
  • Then, the incision will be closed by a surgeon with surgical tapes and sutures. 
  • If still, the patient feels the weight or pain due to a large breast, it becomes important to remove the nipple, and aerials from the body, and then later place them in position with the procedure known as free nipple graft. 
  • Sometimes, small tubes are inserted to drain out excess fluids and to reduce the swelling.

Risks Involved: 

Breast reduction surgery proves to be a good decision for every man and woman who goes through the procedure. However, there are various minor and major complications that arise if not properly taken care of. People often experience the below-given complications after breast reduction surgery:

  • Slow healing of incisions 
  • Open wounds
  • Excess fluid in the tissue of the breast. 
  • Loss of sensation in the breast parts
  • Dominant or clotted scar
  • Allergic reactions to high-dose medications
  • Infection in the connective tissues.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost:

As per the Plastic Surgeons of the American Society, breast reduction surgery cost approximately $5690. This price does not include the consultation and follow-up appointment charges. If you have intolerable pain or you feel a weight around your shoulders due to your breast, don’t look for money; instead, try contacting the various insurance companies that are willing to cover the costs either partially or completely. 

Hence, breast reduction surgery is significantly an effective and safe medical procedure and is proven to be the choice of hundreds of men and women, who are willing to reduce the overall size of their breasts. 

However, this reduction surgery is entirely a personal decision with its own pros and cons, so it is better to have a close overview of certain things that are necessary for every woman with large breasts to know.