Pregnancy is certainly the most beautiful stage of every woman’s life. Getting the confirmation of being pregnant is shocking as well as a happy moment. Nowadays, technology has developed a lot, and there is no impossible thing left in this entire world. Today, you can easily get your Pregnancy test within a minute. You do not need to go out to any doctors for getting confirmation of pregnancy. 

We will come to know all about these in detail, but first, you must understand that this test works by measuring the levels of a human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The HCG remains in your veins and urine for approx one to two weeks after having conception. For more information, go through the given article. 

What Are The Options Available To Take Pregnancy Test At Home?

What Are The Options Available To Take Pregnancy Test At Home

To take the pregnancy test at home, you can choose either a urine test or a blood test. These tests ensure you the accurate result, and you can get the result within a few minutes. The easiest way to take the test is via urine test.

This test can easily be administered at home. Whereas, the blood test is carried out by medical professionals. Let’s see how these tests can be taken, and what are the options available for it. 

Urine Test:

A urine test is done by taking the urine drops and placing them on the chemical strip. Once you place your urine, you can easily get the result within 2 to 3 minutes. You can either put the urine drops on the testing strips or dip the test strip into the fresh urine stored in any container.

There are various brands of testing available in the market, and they all give results for an early pregnancy test. Moreover, results depend according to the test taken. The result will be indicated in form of a change in color, a change in marked lines, any symbol like plus or minus, or even in the words such as pregnant or not pregnant. 

Blood Test:

You can get a blood test by calling any doctor or professional at home. This test involves two types of tests such as quantitative and qualitative HCG tests.

A qualitative test can determine the presence of HCG in your blood or not. And the quantitative test detects the exact amount of HCG level in the blood. These tests can detect early pregnancy.

This pregnancy test price is comparatively higher than the urine test. 

When Should You Take Pregnancy Test?

If you are confused about when to take pregnancy test, you must know some of the significant facts. But first, you must understand that the test must be taken as earliest as possible.

The urine test should be conducted after 14 days of having unprotected sex, as that period is suggested by various gynecologists.

These tests give you more reliable and accurate results if you wait till the missing period. Before taking the urine test at home, ensure that you read the instructions clearly inside the package. 

Moreover, for the entire day, you must take your test of Pregnancy in the morning just after you wake up. Because this is the time when you do not have any additional liquid in your body, which can give false results.

However, if you find your pregnancy test positive, do consult a doctor for confirmation. And for the best and most accurate result, you must keep these things in your mind. 

How does Pregnancy Test work? 

Pregnancy tests at home are said to give 99 percent accurate result, as these test works based on the level of HCG hormone. HCG hormone level is likely to increase during pregnancy, and this change in hormones can easily et detected through the test of Pregnancy.

The HCG hormone level gets produced in the body by the same cells that create the placenta and nourish the embryo. So, when the egg gets fertilized and starts to attach itself to the walls of the uterus, the HCG hormones get released.

This hormone remains in the body for two weeks of conception, and around 9 to 11 weeks of gestation period. 

Accuracy Rate Of Pregnancy Test:

The Pregnancy test involves different options, and all these options are likely to give accurate results. Usually, the pregnancy test at home gives 99 percent accurate results, and you can definitely rely on these tests.

The accuracy rate of these tests mainly varies according to the HCG hormone levels, and also gets affected by certain variables such as when to take pregnancy test, time of ovulation, the best time of the day, etc. 

Costs Of Pregnancy Test At Home:

The pregnancy test price varies from country to country. In India, pregnancy test at home costs approximately 90 to 100 rupees. And in different countries, it can range from 8 dollars to 15 dollars. 

You can take your pregnancy test at home without the knowledge of a single person. To satisfy the answers to the questions such as how does these pregnancy test works? when to take pregnancy test? And what are these pregnancy test price? You must go through this above-detailed work, and get your answers. 

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