Does orgasims help you lose weight? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people around the world. So today in this article we will tell you if people can lose weight from orgasims.

We live in an era where being skinny is considered beauty. So for this people often go through strict diets, exercises, and even medical surgeries. However what if you can lose weight in a much easier way? Yes, it’s possible to lose weight with the help of orgasims.

Orgasims or orgasm also known as the sexual climax is the sudden discharge of gathered sexual excitement during sex. It happens due to muscle contraction in the pelvic region. It gives sexual pleasure. One can experience orgasims in sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Three Ways To Lose Weight With The Help Of Orgasims:

Are you also wondering how does orgasims help you lose weight? Here are three ways in which you can lose weight with the help of orgasims.

Boost Sleep Cycle:

Proper sleep is very essential for the human body. There are many benefits of sleeping including digestion. It makes it easier to eat appropriately. It’s very hard to maintain good health with a tired body and mind. So orgasims trigger the release of oxytocin. It helps in reducing cortisol levels. So it helps in improving the sleep cycle.

The cortisol can be released through masturbation or with a partner. However, the release of cortisol with a partner tends to be higher.

A Secret Muscle Booster:

Orgasims help women in uplifting their testosterone. It helps in keeping muscles while losing weight or building it. For those who think it will make you a bodybuilder, there is nothing to worry about. It’s not a big boost.

Helps In Avoiding Junk Food:

Junk food is one of the major causes of weight gain. Orgasims you can control your urge of eating junk food. When we feel happy or stressed the first thing that comes to our mind to comfort us is junk food. However, orgasims give more comfort than junk food.

Besides exercise and enough sleep orgasims is essential for releasing stress and maintaining good health. Orgasims release many good hormones which help in reducing cortisol.

Other Benefits Of Having Orgasims:

Does orgasims help you lose weight is not the only question? People often want to know the other benefits of orgasims. So here are some other benefits of having orgasims.

Orgasims Helps In Keeping The Brain Healthy:

Orgasims help in maintaining the good health of our brain. Studies found that during orgasims the blood flows not only to the nether region but also to the brain. It carries nutrients and oxygen to the brain. It helps in keeping the brain healthy and reduces the risk of other issues regarding the brain.

Orgasims Helps In Curing Cold Faster:

What if orgasims help you in curing a cold? Yes, it’s true. In a study, it is seen that men who masturbate frequently have increased levels of prolactin, adrenaline, and leukocytes. As a result, it helps in curing cold much faster. So next time you have a cold which isn’t cured by medicine you can try this.

Orgasims Helps In Increasing Sexual Satisfaction With Age:

In women, orgasims help in increasing sexual satisfaction with increasing age. Sexual satisfaction improves in women with age. It helps in boosting the mood and longer life span in women.

Orgasims Helps In Looking Younger And Beautiful:

You heard it right orgasims help in looking younger and more beautiful. Studies show that people who have sex or masturbate frequently look more attractive. It also secrets hormones that fight early aging signs keeping you looking younger.

Orgasims Helps In Reducing Pain And Better Sleep:

There are many benefits of orgasims which also includes reducing pain and sleeping better. It releases a hormone called oxytocin, which helps one sleep better and reduces body pain.

Does Orgasims Help You Lose Weight:

Does orgasims help you lose weight? Well, it’s the truth, you can lose weight from orgasims. During sexual intercourse, orgasims increase the excitement and desire for sex which helps in burning more calories after exhausting yourself in bed. According to studies a passionate thirty minutes of sex can burn a hundred calories which help in losing weight.

During intercourse, the heart rate increases to one hundred and thirty which is equivalent to any physical workout. It helps in burning calories which helps in losing weight. Sex also helps in restraining fat and carbohydrate craving due to cortisol. Regular sex also keeps unchecking the anxiety hormones.

Does Orgasims Also Help In Gaining Weight

Does orgasims help you lose weight is not only the thing people are curious to know? Many people often ask questions if they can gain weight due to orgasims. The answer to this question is no. Despite people gaining weight after marriage scientists claim that it has nothing to do with sex.

However many women claim to gain fat on their hips and breasts after sex. This is because of the secretion of the hormone called prolactin. Other than that there is no other proof which shows weight gain due to orgasims.


Does orgasims help you lose weight? Now you know the answer to it. Orgasims definitely help in losing weight. Passionate sex is equal to any physical workout which helps in burning calories. Besides losing weight there are several other benefits of orgasims including better sleep, curing colds, reducing pain, fighting aging signs, maintaining better health of the brain, and even increasing the life span. So for maintaining a slim and beautiful figure and skin stay active in bed.