Over masturabation side effects on eyes, if you have this question, then you are in the right place. Well, in extreme and very rare cases masturabation can lead to increased blood flow and eventually pop up an eye’s blood vessel.

Masturabation is usually a natural process of exploring pleasures and attaining orgasm for both singles and couples. However, excessive masturabation has its share of side effects. Being constantly filled with myths of masturabation leading to baldness, blindness, acne, or pregnancy; it becomes quite difficult to choose what to believe.

Do not worry as we got you covered! In this article, we will discuss nearly every question you have in mind regarding this self-pleasing activity including over masturabation side effects on eyes. Moreover, we will also be sharing some common side effects of masturbation.

Does Over Masturabation Cause Adverse Effects On Eyes?

If you ask us to answer this question in one word, then it’s a NO! You would have heard your elders or relatives putting this up in your mind that masturabation causes blindness, or it will lead you to baldness, or you will get excessive acne or pimples all over your face. But, these all are just false statements.

Phew! What a relief, right?

There is no connection between eye health and masturabation. Therefore, there are no such proven over masturabation side effects on eyes.

However, in a very extreme and rare case, masturabation with excessive force can pop up blood vessels in the eye and damage them. So, if anyone carries masturabation in moderation, it is very unlikely for them to develop negative consequences in their eyes.

Can Excessive Masturabation Cause Blindness?

There have always been several misconceptions of excessive masturabation for over decades. In reality, these urban legends are ingested in minds to induce fear and perpetuate the stigma of self-pleasure.

For an instance, it is said that masturabation can cause blindness. However, there are no specific clinical facts confirming the over masturabation side effects on eyes.

You might have been told that if you masturabate, you will lose eyesight or it will cause adverse effects on your health which can be dangerous for your life. But, these are just old myths said to control people from indulging in this self-pleasing activity.

Does Over Masturabation Lead In Causing Dark Circles?

Who doesn’t love looking great and feeling great in their skin? Eyes are one of the most prominent things a person notices in another. Relating over masturabation side effects on eyes with dark circles is the most ridiculous myth propagated in the masses’ heads

Ask yourself, are there any evidential facts proving that one can end up having dark circles from the act of masturabation? None, right? Therefore, the statement is completely false and made up with a plan to control the masses’ minds through fear and shame.

Can Masturabation Cause Headaches?

There has been a debate on the Internet with people linking over masturabation side effects on eyes and headaches. But, the reality is quite different from what it seems. According to some information, men may experience orgasmic headaches. In some cases of arousal, blood pressure levels may spike before the climax which can build tension and lead to headaches.

Is Over Masturabation Responsible For Weakness?

One thing you would have probably heard about over a prolonged period is masturabation leading to weakness. But, that’s just another false myth. Masturabation is not responsible for using one’s energy and causing weakness in the body.

Can Masturabation Be Linked To Heart Attacks?

Apart from the over masturabation side effects on eyes myth, there have been several questions regarding its link with heart attacks. Well, there is not any known proof leading to heart attacks. Nevertheless, this self-pleasing activity can help you reduce blood pressure and keep cortisol levels under control.

Can Over Masturabation Cause Period Troubles?

No! Females might have come across these myths that relate masturbation to affect mensuration or pregnancy. Be relieved as these are just false statements alike over masturabation side effects on eyes. The menstruation cycle and masturbation aren’t linked with one another.

Urban legends like this are initiated by the patriarchal society to curb female pleasures with a motive to make sure women only see lovemaking as a tool for reproduction and not for pleasure. Be mindful ladies and do not fall for this myth.

Some Common Side Effects Of Masturbation-Busting Your Myths:

You probably would have come across certain statements such as over masturabation side effects on eyes leading to blindness. This might have left you confused and scared. Don’t worry as these statements are completely false. No studies have proved that masturbating at a moderate force could end up causing serious health problems.

Masturabation is a natural and harmless self-pleasing activity. Some people do experience a little swelling of the genital which can disappear within a couple of days. Some common side effects of mastubating are:

  • Some people might experience a strong feeling of guilt or shame.
  • Excessive masturbation can lead to a lower lovemaking sensation in men.
  • Engaging in excessive masturbation can cause an imbalance in one’s relationships often leading to messing up one’s daily schedule.

If you’re facing serious consequences because of overindulging in this activity, try staying active, avoid pornography and seek professional help if required.

Final Words:

Hope this article helped you in clearing all air regarding over masturabation side effects on eyes. Though there is no such evidence found that proves masturabation makes you blind, it can cause pop-up blood vessels in the eyes when done with great force.

Masturabation is a harmless activity to attain pleasure unless you don’t excessively do it. Nearly everything done in excessiveness leads to serious consequences. Masturbation doesn’t cause any harm when done in moderation. One can relieve some stress after a hectic day.

So, be mindful and keep your way apart from believing any kind of urban legend.

Nevertheless, one should take good care of their eyes. Make sure to visit your doctor if you experience any minor issues in or under your eye region.