Masturbation effects on kidney and sex have been a taboo for many years. As a society, we consider ourselves developed and broad-minded. But the fact is that we are still carrying the myth and misconception about sex and masturbation. Even in this 20th century many of us are hesitant to talk about sex and masturbation. To find the information one searches the internet which is filled with myths and misconceptions.

The best solution is to talk directly to your doctor about it. If you want to find online information, then stick to reliable and authentic sources.

The kidneys are at the back of human beings and are a very essential organs for eliminating waste, metabolism, osmotic balance and maintaining blood pressure. They are affected by Urinary tract infections (UTIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In this article, we are going to know if there are any masturbation effects on kidney.

Myth About Masturbation:

Myths are the exaggeration of statements inaccurately. One myth leads to another and it tends to spread quickly. It is very essential to bust these myths of people about self-sex acts. Some of the myths about masturbation are;

Ejaculation makes you weak:

As one feels sleepy after masturbation, a myth has been created that masturbation Makes you sick. Instead, after masturbation, the body releases endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, etc hormones that stimulate sleep. So is the case with sex. Neither of these makes your body weak.

Masturbation decreases stamina:

Masturbation may burn some energy but won’t decrease stamina. There is a fall in testosterone levels after masturbating. There may be some effect on the physique of masturbation but it’s negligible.

Masturbation induces muscle loss:

This is also a myth as the calorie burning in masturbation is insufficient to lose muscle or weight loss. The drop in testosterone level is insignificant and won’t change the body’s physique.

Masturbation is one of the reasons for heart problems:

Masturbation can certainly increase your heart rate and your basal metabolic rate but does not trigger heart diseases.

Masturbation causes cancer in the testes:

No, entirely not. There is no evidence or data on cancer disease associated with masturbation. Moreover, frequent ejaculation can even prevent prostate cancer.

Immunity is affected by masturbation:

On the contrary, frequent ejaculation helps you to improve your sleep, release endorphins, and enhance your immunity.

Increase in blood pressure due to masturbation:

Yes, masturbation does increase blood pressure, heartbeat, and heart rate but just like exercise. Your body will return to baseline and normal levels after you’re done.

Masturbation effects on kidney:

This is a common myth circulating among youths and adults that there are serious masturbation effects on kidney. This is not true, and there is no evidence to support this statement.

Masturbation effects on kidneys are very unlikely as these two are rarely correlated. Moreover, this myth may have originated from the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to this concept, it was traditionally believed that men who had low sexual performance are with poor kidney function. 

It was believed that semen is reserved in the kidneys and frequent masturbation or ejaculation could create an imbalance in the body, reduce sexual capability, and can lead to illnesses like kidney failures or kidney stones.

As the medical world advanced, this concept was completely discarded. Moreover, there is no scientific or medical evidence for this idea.

Masturbation effects on kidney is a wrong belief. It was mistakenly believed that there is a loss of protein and nutrients through semen and that can lead to kidney damage. There is no scientific proof for this as very few nutrients are present in semen that function to nourish the sperm. These few nutrients don’t have a significant impact on an individual.

According to research, it has been estimated to have an average of 5.04 grams of proteins in 100 milliliters of semen and is to be lost in one ejaculation. To replenish this amount of protein you need to have half a tablespoon of milk or eat 0.1 ounces of chickpeas. Hence this concept is wasteful and has no scientific and logical evidence.

Masturbation causes back pain:

If you are having back pain after masturbation, perhaps you were lying in an awkward position for a long duration of time. During sex or masturbation, the endorphin hormone is released throughout the body. This hormone makes you stop feeling your pain and induces pleasure. You will not realize your pain during the process but may feel it after the climax.

There may also be some other reasons for the pain like kidney stones which can be painful.

Masturbation And Kidney Stone:

Masturbation has nothing to do with kidney stones. Back pains can be due to kidney stones or any kind of infection. This is very common in most people and causes painful kidney spasms as it moves through the urinary system.

The pain of kidney stones radiates through a larger zone from the back, and thighs, to the testicular region. The ureter and urethra do not have nerve terminals so the pain does not remain confined to a single area.

The masturbation effects on kidneys are insignificant and do not have any scientific proof. In some cases, one may encounter painful outbursts, but this doesn’t mean that it produces kidney stones. It may have occurred confidently or it just happened to be there when you decided to masturbate.

Positive Impact Of Masturbation:

There are many beliefs and misconceptions about masturbation and sex. However, there are plenty of health advantages of masturbation. In research, it has been found that:

  • Masturbation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. In studies, it has been found that there is a 10% lower risk of prostate cancer in people who frequently masturbate.
  • Masturbation prevents problems like erectile dysfunction.
  • Masturbation increases the circulation of white blood cells hence boosting immunity.
  • For some, masturbation is a way to boost their mood and feel relaxed.
  • Hormones released during masturbation relax your body and make you feel satisfied.

So, there are no negative masturbation effects on kidney. Instead, it is a good practice for well-being.