We have been in awe of long nail design for a long time. In the last few years, the trend has changed as we are living amid a global pandemic. This made us keep our nails short and trimmed so that they can harbour no dirt or germs. Home manicures became the new norm and the trend arose as classy short nail designs.

Reopening of nail salons and spas after two years came up with elegant classy short nail designs. This is not of the same level as longer nails, but merely not too far off.

Here we are present to inspire you by featuring some of the unique classy short nail designs that will perfectly suit your short nails. Keep reading our blog of short nail ideas that will surely help your next visit to the salon or spa.

1. One Simple Solid Colour:

Starting in the first place goes with a simple, one-colour manicure. It gives your hand a classic, timeless and nostalgic look which looks elegant. It is most appropriate for everyday wear and special occasions as well. Colour is of your personal choice and preference. Some may choose bright and bold colours during summer and darker warmer colours during autumn or winter falls.

2. Pastels:

There is something unique about pastel colours. They are pleasing to the eye without being too bright, loud and powerful and are perfect for almost all seasons. This is an unequivocal beautiful colour which proves to be a classy short nail design

3. Red Nails:

Classic red nails are loved and adored universally. Why not because this colour is timeless and can be easily worn on any outfit all year long. This shade is the perfect nominee for both long and unique classy short nail designs

4. Darker Hues:

This is the colour that probably does more justice to short nails than long nails. A traditional dark black, rich aubergine or midnight blue tones make short nails look more cute and are worth trying. Darker shades are almost for all skin types but can be the cherry on the cake for light skin tone types.

5. Multi-coloured Nails:

Multi-coloured shades look really cute and aesthetically pleasing when done well but it has other aspects as well. You can go with it if you are adventurous and like to try something new. There are endless options for shade for your nails. You can go for a gradient effect of the same shade in which each nail goes a darker shade than the previous one.

6. French Manicures:

French manicure is an obvious offering at any nail salon, but with time, different varieties of French manicures have evolved. We are listing some of the classy short nail designs that are elegant and give a classic look their way.

Classic French Manicure:

It is made up of a mixture of the base of light and nude pink polish along with a clean white tip. They are designed to look clean, tidy and polished. They usually have different colour shades at the tip of the nail.

Multi-coloured French Tip:

It is a traditional French manicure that consists of different shades on the tip of nails different from white. You can go for the same shade on each nail tip or go for different hues as the options are endless.

Slanted French Tip:

Very much similar to the conventional French manicure, this shade has a diagonal strip of any colour of your choice including white. This is also applied at the nail tip in a slanting way instead of the traditional horizontal line.

Baby Boomer:

Moving on in our classy short nail designs we have Baby Boomer also known as ‘French ombre’ or ‘French fade’. It has a modern take on the French manicure which is fresh and many can’t get enough of. This is the update of the classic French manicure as this is the blend of pink and white shades together in an angled effect that is seamless and runny.

Metallic French Manicure:

This idea of blending French manicures is promising by giving a metallic twist to the classic shade. The metallic shades can be typically silver,  bronze, gold or rose gold. This is to produce a reflective two-tonal style that is entirely mesmerizing.

Reverse French Manicure:

This is a variant of the classic French manicure as it uses dark colour at its base with shades on the nail bed instead of nail tips.

7. Half-Moon Nails:

It is also known by some as ‘Dita nails’ which is named after a well-known parody performer and half-moon manicure fanatic Dita Von Teese. This design is marked by leaving a negative space of half moon or crescent-shaped whitish area at the bed of the fingernail. Though all the shades are equally good, a dark shade of red looks promising.

8. Accent Nails:

This is a modern time shade having a resemblance to the one-colour design with an extra touch. In this, the ring finger is generally painted in a different colour or shade. It can be a glittery version of the same colour or sporting a different style using nail art. It acts as the point of the main focus of an otherwise minimalist style.

9. Matte Nail Polish: 

Matte polish is something that is not too shiny like shiny polish but is worth trying if you want to try something without being too adventurous. Giving your nail a satin finish, matte polish gives the nail an elegant look. On artistically combining it with a high polish top coat, the nail designs achieved are pretty fashionable. You can use matte polish on all nails or tips or can create a unique custom pattern.

10. Two Tone Design:

A simple combination of two colours is always unique and striking. Especially a combination of black and white with a metallic shade. Some of the two-toned colour combinations are.

Black And White:

Black nail polish with white contrast creates a timeless elegant look and proves to be a classy short nail design

White And Gold:

A combination of these two colours can be paired in numerous ways. From gold stickers in geometric design upon a white base to a white and gold French manicure-inspired style.

White Manicure With Sparkle:

Here is another elegant classy short nail designs for a white manicure. This design features a sparkling accent nail. This look is created with a white polish, gems and a clear top coat. A fantastic thing about white colour is that you can create so many different looks with that. This design would be perfect and would be beautiful for a bride.

11. Gradient Nails or ombre Nails:

Gradient nails also known as ombre nails blend seamlessly complementary shades to produce a gradual change in colour from the nail bed to the tip of the nail.

12. The Marble Effect:

This is an absolute must-try nail art technique. The marble nail paint pattern is designed to make nails look like marble tiles. This style looks elegant and stunning as an accented nail design as well as looks sophisticated. It can be worn on all nails but takes some time at the nail salon, so make sure your nail technician knows in advance about it.

13. Swirl Nail Art:

To bring a little playfulness into your manicure and experiment try swirl nail art for classy short nail designs. This design looks unique, elegant and gorgeous and can be worn on all nails with different or the same colours.

14. Floral Nail Art:

You must try experimenting with your nail by applying some floral nail art. This gives your nail a little more decorative and feminine look. Options are limitless whether it is roses, daisies or blossoms floral nail art is more like a work of art rather than just a manicure.

15. Delicate Feather Design:

This design features beautiful feathers which give an elegant and unique look to your nails. The nails are polished with a dark colour and two accent nails have a white delicate feather. Feathers are created with stencils and stickers that can be collected online. You can choose different base polishes as per your convenience and preferences.

16. Light Manicure With Sparkly Gems: 

Love gems? Then this one’s for you. This design is for light short nails along with two embellished nails. One features a small sparkly design while the next nail is all covered with gems. This is a cute-looking design and suits everyone. You can design this with both your nails or just one at your convenience. For this, you need polish, gems and a clear top coat.

17. Elegant Nail Stickers:

Instead of all these colourful prints, shades and nail art design which is laborious, costly and time-consuming, choose an elegant nail sticker. Stickers can be of gold strips or delicate rhinestones which are for fun but give a sophisticated nail look.

These were some of the classy short nail designs. Hopefully, it will help you on your next visit to your nail salon and spas. Don’t forget to look after your hands as well as your nails and try to keep your nails clean to avoid infestation of disease.

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