Did you know that Gynecomastia makes many self-conscious? Fortunately, you can treat this annoying condition with a Gynecomastia surgery which offers body contouring permanently. But if you do consider getting this surgery done, there are certain things that you need to know about before you can decide to go forward with the whole procedure. 

And this is where we come in – today, we will talk about everything you should know about before you can get your Gynecomastia surgery done. 

What you Have To Know Before Getting Gynecomastia Surgery?

So you are looking for Gynecomastia specialists. If you are based in Singapore, you can always opt for Gynecomastia surgery treatment in Singapore. It is vital that you go to the best because we honestly would never recommend cutting corners or even compromising a little when it comes to your health. 

Today, let’s talk about preparing your body before getting Gynecomastia Surgery. Without wasting any time, scroll down to find out all that you need to know about getting Gynecomastia surgery. 

Preparing For Gynecomastia Surgery:

During the physical examination and diagnosis, it is vital for all patients to freely discuss the whole surgery with their doctors. Simply put, patients must answer questions posed by doctors honestly – these questions will be related to your habits, health, and lifestyle. Once your surgery gets scheduled, start preparing for the same as prescribed by your doctor. 

If your daily job requires strenuous labor for performing multiple activities, then it’s best to take a medical leave for two weeks. Otherwise, you can just take two to three days off from work and definitely ask someone for help – you will need help since you will have to be driven home once the surgery is done. 

The whole preparation procedure happens to be one of the most integral parts of the  Gynecomastia surgery (breast reduction surgery), just like recovery is considered to be vital. Any patient who is well-prepared is more likely to obtain desired results especially compared to anyone who fails to prepare accurately.

How does a patient prepare for this surgery?

  • Ensure that you are lab tested – ensure that you get all the required diagnostic tests done.
  • If you do smoke, then do stop smoking at least fifteen days before your surgery. 
  • Avoid all kinds of alcoholic beverages for over a week before your surgery takes place.
  • Also, stop taking any kind of blood thinners like anti-inflammatory drugs or even aspirin and other supplements to reduce any risk of extra blood loss. 
  • Do consult with your doctor before adjusting your existing medications because of the surgery. 

Procedure For Gynecomastia Surgery:

Once a proper diagnosis has been conducted, your doctor will suggest that you undergo liposuction accompanied by a gland excision surgery to treat your gynecomastia permanently. 

This liposuction technique will include the steps mentioned below!

  • The anesthetist will administer anesthesia and make you unconscious. 
  • The doctor will then make several incisions, post which a blend of saline will be injected into your fatty area. 
  • The doctor then inserts something called a cannula via which the ultrasound emitter gets inserted, after which the doctor starts emitting ultrasonic waves to loosen up your fat.
  • After this, your loosened fat gets sucked out via the tube, post which the doctor begins to close the incisions. 

Risks Of Gynecomastia Surgery:

Just like any other treatment or typical surgery, there are several side effects and risks associated with gynecomastia surgery. Of course, it’s rare, but patients have reported complications. But then these risks are known to typically occur within a few days if you follow all proper instructions. 

In this context, most of the side effects and risks associated with gynecomastia surgery treatment are as follows,

  • Bleeding,
  • Bruising, 
  • Looseness of the breast skin, 
  • Collection of bodily fluids,
  • Enlargement of the chest area, and
  • Inverted nipples.

Any gynecomastia surgeon who is well-experienced will make sure that risk possibilities, as well as complications, are reduced. 

Final Thoughts On Gynecomastia Surgery:

And that’s a wrap on all that you need to know about getting a Gynecomastia surgery done. So tell us, what are your thoughts on getting this surgery done? And if you have any experience related to this surgery, then feel free to let us know about your experiences about the surgery in the comments below.