Liteboxer fitness bundle is the best thing you can get to live a healthy life without going to the gym or spending lots of money on various fitness products. It has multiple features that help a person to get fit naturally and perform the exercise in an energetic and fun way.

It has a sensor that detects energy, accuracy, perfection, and timing. A budget-friendly product that must be bought by everyone. So, we will see some of the benefits and importance in this article about the liteboxer fitness bundle for advanced fitness.

Uses Of Liteboxer Fitness Bundle:

Liteboxer fitness bundle is used to perform hundreds of exercises at home. It provides a proper environment with the help of lights, a music system, and proper guidance. A resistance band, the set-up, an ankle strap, and a door anchor help one to get all the necessary functions.

It is the best option for a person who avoids going to the gym and wants to work out at home. Working out ourselves saves lots of traveling time as well as money. The main focus of the machine is to provide the best to its customers along with a refund option.

Cost Of Getting The Liteboxer:

One has to buy the setup first which costs $250 after which you have to get the subscription. Once you have the machine which includes the liteboxer fitness bundle, a Bluetooth headset, a monitor screen, a USB charger, a Bluetooth speaker, and lots of different music with the subscription.

To get the liteboxer subscription you have to pay $27 per month or just get the annual subscription which results in paying $20 for a month. You can use the machine even without the additional payment but won’t enjoy the real benefits that the machine comes with. You even get a special offer of 1 month’s free subscription.

If you dislike anything about the product you can go for an easy refund. It is not as costly as going to a gym or getting any kind of fitness product at home can cost. A user-friendly product with the best-resulting capacity with zero side effects is the liteboxer fitness bundle.

Types Of Liteboxer Fitness Bundle:

There are two types which you get under the liteboxer. One is a liteboxer wall mount and another one is known as a liteboxer floor stand. Let’s define the two liteboxer.

Liteboxer Wall Mount: 

This type of machine has to be fixed or hung on the wall and then you are all set to perform exercises on it. You can perform all types of best boxing exercises on the monitor. The wall mount is best for one who goes for regular indoor exercise

Liteboxer Floor Stands: 

A floor stand is just like the liteboxer wall mount but needs to be fixed on the floor. You can even perform leg kicks easily with the help of a liteboxer floor stand. There is not much difference between the two but floor stands are much more bought than a wall mount.

Now you know the best option to go for the liteboxer fitness bundle. Get the best gym at home at a friendly amount.

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

Advantages Of Liteboxer Fitness Bundle:

Who doesn’t want to go for natural options for getting fit rather than getting steroids in the body? So if you want to get fit at home the liteboxer is the best option you can get. The machine itself provides you with proper instructions which you just need to follow.

It gives you a variety of exercises, proper music, lighting and most important thing transferable set-up. You also get an app that informs you of the timing which helps you to be constant with the workout. A net band always keeps track of your walking, eating, and sleeping schedule as well as keeps a check on heart rate. 

The best feature of the liteboxer fitness bundle is that it provides a 3 months free trial period which can help the customer to make a perfect choice. There are only pros of getting a liteboxer machine installed.

Special Features Of The Liteboxer:

Although everything about the liteboxer is special and different from others. The main thing is that it provides specially trained professionals for free to guide their customers. 

The tools are different and focus on more physical work rather than going for medicines. You get all in one feature along with the liteboxer fitness bundle.


You are getting a tool that connects to your phone and watches as well as gets installed at home. You get fit according to your timing and schedules without any hustle to go to the gym. 

A free trial period of liteboxer is the best thing as you can test the product yourself before spending it. Getting in shape with such waste options and variety is the best thing.

So, I think this article was helpful to you and now you know all the reasons for getting the liteboxer fitness bundle for advanced fitness for yourself.