You have come with a distinct makeup that is impossible to change. Similarly, most of the environmental settings around you are unvarying. But there is something over which you can control, which is your lifestyle. Your Healthier Life is in your hands, and you can make any change you want, provided that it is for your betterment. Being intentional and aware of how you live your life helps you make the right decisions and bring positivity.

According to research, a Healthier Life also prolongs your life expectancy. People who maintain five aspects of a Healthier Life in their routine can live a decade longer than those who don’t. This research accentuates the importance of a Healthier Life for living longer.

Below are ways to live a Healthier Life.

1. Don’t Ignore Stress:

Even if life is a bed of roses, these roses are not without thorns. So it is impossible not to feel stressed. Once in a while, you will encounter challenging problems in your life. At the same time, stress is something you must never ignore.

When not managed, stress can turn into more severe problems such as anxiety and depression. Chronic stress can also reduce your lifespan, as noted in research by Yale University.

More than 4 million people in the US have an anxiety disorder. Various states, including Illinois, fight this menace as their residents battle mental health problems. Recently Chicago got a seven-fold raise from the government in its funding of mental health services, which should explain the situation’s seriousness.

Apart from governmental efforts, private service providers are also helping people with cures for their anxiety, depression, PTSD, and OCD.

Supported by highly qualified doctors and nurses, clinics provide highly effective ketamine therapy in Chicago to relieve people of their symptoms. To sum up, the issue of stress management is serious and calls for drastic measures at individual and collective levels.

2. Get The Right Amount Of Sleep:

Sleep must be an essential part of your routine and a priority. Research suggests that adults need at least seven hours of sleep to go about their life. Proper sleep reduces your risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical conditions.

Sleep is often not the priority because more focus is always on a healthy diet and physical activity. These two aspects of a Healthier Life are essential, but not at the cost of sleep. You should give due importance to sleep by marinating a sleep schedule. You can do the following to have a sleep routine.

  • Sleep and get up at the same time daily, including the holidays
  • Remove all the elements from your environment that might be distracting at bedtime
  • Don’t drink tea, coffee, or any other caffeinated beverages before bed

3. Eat A Healthy Diet:

Your body requires a healthy diet to get the needed energy and reduce the risk of various disease attacks. Various physical health problems such as heart issues, cancer, high blood pressure, and cholesterol are linked to ignoring a healthy diet or following an unhealthy diet routine.

Sleeping late, eating junk, and eating fast food late at night are surefire recipes for attracting many physical health problems and reducing the quality of your Healthier Life.

A healthy diet is more than following a fad diet for a few days. It involves adopting a healthy diet regime and sticking to it throughout your life (no one is asking you not to have a cheat day once in a while).

Eating a healthy diet involves making your plate more colorful and adding various vegetables, fruits, and whole grains into your diet plan. This will ensure that your body gets all the necessary nutrients for a happy and prolonged life.

One of the ways to eat a healthy diet is to follow a Mediterranean diet plan. It is healthier, rich in more health-friendly nutrients, and automatically limits you from making unhealthy food choices. A Mediterranean diet includes beans, nuts, whole grains, olive oil, legumes, fruits, spices, herbs, etc. But you are not allowed to eat highly processed food, red meat, butter, alcohol, or hydrogenated oil if you follow a Mediterranean diet plan.

4. Take Time To Spend With Nature:

Nature and the surrounding environment positively affect your mental and physical health. Recent research has emphasized the relationship between well-being and spending time near nature.

Research suggests that connection with nature provides a way to have fun and recreation, personal development, artistic experiences, and social engagements. According to old studies, contact with nature offers a sense of place and social solidity.

When it comes to spending time with nature to trigger the above-mentioned responses, there can be many ways to stimulate them. For instance, you can go for a gentle stroll, exercise in the open, help a party clean the beach, pick berries from the trees, and so on.

You can take your pet along and play in a park with trees beautified by lush green grass. Gardening is also one of the ways to connect with nature.

5. Don’t Overeat:

The more apparent benefits of reducing your calorie intake are a decrease in your body weight and abdominal fat, which are associated with a shorter life expectancy.

Depending on your age and the level of your daily physical activity, age, sex, etc., you are recommended to take 1600 to 2400 calories (women) and 2000 to 3000 calories (men).

However, like everything else, reducing your calorie intake should not be long-term or unbridled. In that case, it can lead to low energy levels, fatigue, and lower body temperature, among many other things. Even when you reduce your daily calorie consumption, your body should not feel deprived of essential nutrients.


Living a healthy lifestyle has the obvious benefit of reducing the possibility of a disease attack, which helps you live longer and healthier. The article above highlights some of the lifestyle changes you can make for a happier and healthier life. You can go through the suggestions and make the necessary changes in your Healthier Life for a better present and future.