Male weight gain stories are viral on the internet today. We hear little or very much rare gossip about gaining weight. Most people try hard to lose weight. Sometimes we may listen to that this actor or actress gains his/her weight for the film. 

However, in this article, we will discuss weight gain manga, male weight gain stories, BBW weight gain Tumblr, etc. Once Li said, any man starts eating too much without doing any exercises or yoga, they will become unhealthy and their belly will go on increasing like a packed jamming trunk. But when women do so, they can remain fit for a longer time than men, as they have more potential to store fat in their bodies. 

We are not the same and never believe the same thinking. Some people love to lose weight and others love to gain weight. Maybe it is the trend to gain weight, click a picture and use a picture editor, and share it on social sites. We are here to satisfy different questions that arise in every human’s mind about their weight, especially men. 

What Makes Males Gain Weight Around Their Bellies Region? 

A very common thing one notices in males when they gain weight is their overweight potbellies. Have you ever wondered what makes it appear so? 

Each body stores fat in different parts of the body. For males, the default place where the extra fat gets stored is in their bellies. When asked by dieticians, Dr. Zhaoping Li, the director of human nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles, defined male weight gain stories as the trunk of a car that can be used to put up important items for storage. 

Dr. Li further elaborated that this trunk may run out of space when men eat too much and do not get ample exercise. This weight gain manga results in the formation of potbellies. And once a man develops potbellies, the health problem worsens as the body starts storing fat everywhere else in the body. 

Fat-Accumulation In Male Bodies:

The fat usually gets stored either in internal organs or externally visible fat in various regions of male bodies. Internally, the fats get piled up in the liver, muscles, and pancreas which leads to certain medical conditions like Diabetes, High-Cholesterol, High-Blood Pressure, and Heart Diseases. But there is a clear distinction between how fat accumulates in male bodies. 

Female bodies are designed to store more weight than males genetically. The extra fat gets accumulated mostly in the hips or legs region. Therefore, they are considered less problematic than belly fat. 

Females may develop belly fat once their other fat-storing areas get filled. And once it starts appearing like potbellies, they too as male weight gain Tumblr get exposed to the risks of various medical problems. 

Weight-Gainer Stories:

The BBW weight gainer Tumblr stories are viral on the Internet for their interesting and intriguing storyline. Some of them are:

Jay has a boring job as a lifeguard except for the lunch breaks, the only time he spends with a tall, handsome boy Billy. 

Leo was left stunned as he finds Hunter, a handsome army hunk hitting on him at a bar. What intrigued him more was the reason why Hunter liked him so much… 

Perry is in love with his best friend. All he does is watch the man growing fatter and sexier with every passing year…..

Matt hates the fact that his wife picked up so much weight since their marriage. But it is unexplainable and weird when the weight gain Tumblr happened to him. 

Did you ever have a tempted thought of dating the fattening ex-classmate? Don’t lie…. 

Harry thinks he knows everything about his roommate, Jake. But does he? 

John, a city boy, has inherited his grandfather’s farm. Now, it would be a sheer delight for locals to watch him develop into a committed country farmer… 


The belly fat or potbellies are often caused by eating more and less body movement. Research has shown that people with potbellies grew more likely to die from heart disease than obese people. 

As per the survey, it has also been revealed that an increase in belly fat also increases the risk of osteoporosis ( women), cancer, and dementia. Such problems can be solved by proper exercise and an appropriate balanced diet on time without any delay. 

So, stay healthy, stay safe, and for more such information, stay connected with us. 

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