Little seed farm is an online store co-founded by Eileen and James Ray that mainly focused on nourishing products derived from organic and natural materials completely avoiding any kind of chemicals or we can say chemical-free. Little seed farm founders realized the harmful effects of chemical-based products we use in our routine life and decided to go back to the roots that will provide humane and sustainable products. They used goat milk to blend with their products which rejuvenate your skin tone and make it shiny.

Little seed farm carry a simple agenda of using products that are recyclable and minimize pollution. Creating safe, nourishing, and chemical-free skincare. Providing animals with an eco-friendly environment.

Some of the famous Little seed farm products are soaps, deodorant, and cream products rich in natural and organic ingredients.

1. Soaps:

This is not the ordinary chemical-based soap that is found in the market. It is a special little seed farm-crafted organic, natural, nourishing, and eco-friendly soap which is made by using goat’s milk hence also known as Goat Milk soap. Soaps are found either in the form of bars or liquid.

Some of the popular soaps are Classic Handmade Cedar Wood Soap Dish, Activated Charcoal Bar, Coconut bar, Geranium Rose Bar, Lavender Bar, Orange vetiver Bar, and Rosemary Patchouli Bar, and many more. The best thing is that the price of all little seed farm soap is $9.99 which is affordable.

2. Deodorant:

This is a very good initiative by the company to make you stay fresh all day long by application of its phenomenal naturally made deodorant. Little seed farm deodorant are aluminum and soda free with natural and nourishing organic ingredients in them.

Some of the incredible little seed farm deodorant products are Orange Vetiver Deodorant cream-limited edition, protective silicone sleeve, and deodorant cream. Its cost ranges from $4.99 to $13.99.

3. Goat milk moisturizer:

Moisturizer from a little seed farm is for all skin types and gives a natural and glowing complexion. As the name indicates, the making of this product includes Goat’s milk, aloe, oil such as argon or perilla seed, and botanical ingredients for skin enhancement.

This must be used daily gently over the skin at least 1 to 2 times to prevent acne pores. It generally costs $25.99 on the little seed farm page. This cream works more efficiently when layered with little seed farm elasticity serum.

4. Elasticity serum:

This is light and easily penetrates the skin without any oily residue left behind. It is made to enhance skin elasticity with the use of natural and organic botanical ingredients. Age spots, slack skin, and the appearance of a fine line are reduced by using this serum. 2-3 drops are enough for cleansing and massaging gently into damp skin. It must be used two times a day.

It is made up of Virgin Hazelnut oil and an Organic Essential Oil blend. It is also applied to remove stretch marks, by gently massaging breasts, hips, and belly. Applying it just after a shower will increase its effect on the body.

5. Step skincare set:

Little seed farm also proposes a 3 step ritual to practice for enhancing and maintaining natural beauty, and a calm and glowing complexion. This contains every element you need to nourish, cleanse, tone, and hydrate your skin daily.

It is made with pure and natural ingredients and is for all skin types. They are effective in cleaning and making your skin clearer, brighter and smoother.


Removing impurities is the primary step without drying, or irritating the skin. Choose the perfect goat’s milk-infused bars and apply them gently for perfect cleanse and deep clean.

Step 2

Application of little seed fam facial mist for all skin types and refresh yourself with our daily pH balancing.

Step 3

Applying moisturizer to repair and renew your skin glow is formulated with goat’s milk, aloe, argan oil, and other botanical ingredients. It clogs pores and leaves a silky matte finish.

You can also use a cleanser made up of Activated Charcoal, Geranium Rose, Matcha, and Argan.

6. Antioxidant serum:

It is a very powerful product that protects and revitalizes your skin. It is made up of hand-blended botanical oils and critical micronutrients.

It is an anti-inflammatory nutrient derived from plants. It also contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and ingredients for nourishment to protect the skin from environmental stress.

It speeds the recovery of skin nutrition and revitalizes complexion caused by ultraviolet lights from the phone, computers, and the sun. It is recommended for all skin types like drying or aging skin.

It is applied gently on damp skin after cleansing and can be applied twice a day. It is affordable and available at $29.99. This serum can be used in place of a moisturizer. It is naturally derived from fermentation and contains Coenzyme Q10.

This is all about little seed farm products and little seed farm deodorant whose products must be used once for naturally glowing skin.

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