A tried-and-true method to restore lost teeth is dental implants. Many people find them painless and pleasant, and they like how they can bite, chew, and swallow quite easily. Selecting an implant is not always an easy decision.

A dentist must evaluate the situation and select the best based on the patient’s needs. They must consider several variables, including the number of lost teeth, the adjacent teeth condition, and the jawbone’s strength. But many types of dental implants can be done, one popular being Mini dental implants.

Mini Dental implants with Kestevan are very popular in Canada. Here is the right information for you to learn more about mini implants. 

Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants:

Mini dental implants are smaller, therefore, easier to place. They also offer the same results as traditional dental implants with less discomfort for the patient, which makes them more comfortable. Due to these advantages, individuals who have lost teeth to periodontal disease or other causes frequently choose small dental implant therapy.

The smaller size of mini dental implants enables them to be placed in areas that regular-sized implants cannot reach and makes them an appropriate choice for patients with a wide range of bone density.

How Long Do They Last?

Dental implants can last a lifetime as they are made of one of the strongest metals, titanium. This means that dental implants are more durable than dentures. You won’t have to worry about them coming out as you speak or eat because they won’t lose their effectiveness over time like their traditional equivalents. Dental implants typically sustain between 10 and 15 years; however, they can last considerably longer.

What Is The Cost Of Mini Dental Implants?

The cost of mini dental implants is the same as traditional implants, but the procedure is much shorter. Mini dental implants typically cost $1,000 to $2,000 per tooth and take two sessions to complete. Traditional dental implant surgery can be significantly more expensive than a mini implant because it re quires an incision that goes all around your mouth. The average cost for traditional dental implant surgery is $4,000 to $5,000 per tooth, which takes one appointment to complete. 

Are Mini Dental Implants Right For You?

Mini dental implants are ideal for patients with minimal bone loss, soft tissue loss, and tooth loss. This includes patients who have lost their teeth to periodontal disease or other causes.

Mini Dental Implants are also an excellent option for patients with existing dental work, such as crowns on neighbouring teeth or bridges. If these neighbouring teeth need to be removed to place a full-size implant, the mini is an attractive option because it doesn’t require your neighbouring teeth to be extracted.

How Are They Different From Traditional Dental Implants?

Compared to standard dental implants, mini dental implants are smaller. They are also more comfortable and easier to place, so you can get a mini dental implant even if you don’t have enough bone for a traditional implant. The smaller size also makes them much less expensive than traditional implants, making them a better option for people who have not been able to have dental implants before.


Since many years ago, dental implants have been utilized to restore missing teeth and enhance smiles. The fact that tiny dental implants are smaller than standard implants is only one of their numerous advantages. If you decide to get it done, Mini Dental implants with Kestevan are a popular option in Canada, so you may contact them as quickly as possible to fix your difficulties.