Botox is one of the more controversial drugs on the market (or at least it used to be). Nowadays, anyone who has taken the time to properly educate themselves knows that botox is not only safe but incredibly beneficial. There are both cosmetic and medical benefits to botox procedures, and the drug is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Here are eight widely-spread botox myths that you should be aware of: 

1. Botox is Toxic:

Botox is a “neurotoxin,” but this in no way means that the drug is toxic in the sense that people assume that it is. Many medical and cosmetic products fall under the umbrella of “neurotoxin,” after all. The drug is derived from a neurotoxin called clostridium botulinum particularly, which is an organism found in many natural environments around the entire world. 

2. Botox’s Long-Term Effects are Unknown:

It’s simply untrue that doctors are unaware of the potential long-term side effects of botox. The drug has been used long enough now that there have been extensive, exhaustive studies documenting the effects, and potential life-long or long-term side effects of botox. The drug has been widely used since the 1980s and saw more limited use well before that, so there is plenty of scientific evidence backing up botox’s use. 

3. Botox is Painful: 

For a long time, opponents of botox spread the false and dangerous myth that botox injections are painful. The irony of this claim is that botox actually causes a numbing effect in most cases, which is the opposite of painful. If you’ve been putting off botox use due to a fear of pain, it’s time to get over the fear and schedule an appointment with a botox specialist near your location, so that you can finally benefit from the miracle drug. 

4. Botox Will Make You “Expressionless” 

One of the most absurd myths about botox is that it somehow freezes your facial muscles permanently, and makes you appear “expressionless.” This frozen look is not a reality, and can only occur if you’re given a hyper-dangerous overdose of the drug. As long as you’re getting an injection from a licensed professional, your face will not be damaged, and you can get injections safely. 

5. Botox is Addictive: 

The simple fact is that there are absolutely no addictive properties to botox. Not a single element of the drug has addictive properties. This myth was started by opponents of the drug after some users would knowingly abuse it, and try to get results that simply were not possible. Just as is the case with anything that feels good, poor judgment can lead to a faux case of “addiction.” 

6. Botox is the Same as Fillers: 

There is no truth behind the statement that botox is the same thing as fillers. Fillers are completely different cosmetic products and do not have nearly the same amount of medical or cosmetic benefits that botox holds. Many people believe that this myth was started by jealous individuals in the filler industry. Botox is more widely used than fillers these days, so this myth is slowly but surely beginning to disappear. 

7. Botox is Permanent: 

If botox was permanent, people would not seek multiple injections. Despite this obvious fact, this myth continues to persist throughout the public sphere. Most botox injections are crafted to last an average of three-to-four months. If you follow your doctor’s orders, you’ll know exactly when you need to seek additional botox injections after you begin treatment. If you use the drug as instructed, you can see major benefits to your health, and your personal aesthetic as well. 

8. Botox Only Treats Wrinkles: 

Botox actually has nearly endless medical and cosmetic benefits and can treat much more than just wrinkles. Depression, chronic pain, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, and cosmetic procedures all benefit from botox, after all. As more and more research is done on this miracle drug, its positive side effects continue to expand. Hopefully, the use of botox for medical issues will continue to expand, as many people with treatment-resistant depression and chronic pain have benefited from medical botox procedures. 

Let Botox Help You:

With the right guidance and a professional’s help, you can benefit a lot from botox treatment. Whether you’re looking to feel young again, or you want another shot at curing (or treating) a pesky medical affliction, botox has the potential to change your life. If you sit down for a consultation with a licensed botox injection professional, you can learn even more about this miracle drug.