Labiaplasty before and after is an important consideration to make before you choose to get the treatment. While basic plastic surgery is widely popular and well-known to most individuals, there are very few people who know about labiaplasty. While there are only some people who have heard the term before, even fewer people actually understand it. 

Before we discuss labiaplasty before and after, it is important to know what exactly this surgery means. If you are reading this article, then there are higher chances that you also wish to know more about before and after labiaplasty. Hence, today we shall discuss the meaning of labiaplasty and labiaplasty before and after. Let’s start

Labiaplasty: An Introduction 

As you search for “labiaplasty”, you might come across some varying terms such as “designer vagina” and “vaginal rejuvenation”. However, in this article, we shall understand the differences between the other types of vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty. This will allow you to understand the term “labiaplasty” better. 

Vaginal rejuvenation is a wider term that covers a wide range of possibilities in this rapidly expanding area of optional healthcare. Nowadays, as more females are choosing these treatments quite often, there are essentially always new products and procedures available for them to choose from. 

Power equipment including ultrasound and lasers are some of the commonly used techniques used in vaginal rejuvenation therapies. The majority of vaginal rejuvenation treatments use energy in one way or another to achieve a variety of results, including tightening the vagina, reducing permeability, and removing dryness.

Labiaplasty is a type of surgical operation, which is the fundamental distinction between it and any other kind of vaginal rejuvenation treatment. The purpose of the labiaplasty treatment is to make the labia minora smaller which makes it aligned with the labia majora. 

Various surgical approaches may be used during this surgery, on the basis of the unique circumstances of the patient. Also, labiaplasty does not involve any kind of energy device. The patient gets to decide the procedure’s objective with the cosmetic surgeon.
Labiaplasty Before And After

Why Is Labiaplasty Needed?

As we discuss labiaplasty before and after, it is critical to discuss the reasons behind labiaplasty. Women’s expanded labia can occur for a variety of causes, including childbearing, aging, genetics, and sexual activity. There could be a variety of reasons why a woman chooses this surgery. 

Firstly, choosing a labiaplasty has a number of functional advantages. Several ladies with larger labia find it challenging to exercise, maintain good cleanliness, avoid UTI infections, engage in sexual acts, and engage in other physical activities.

Besides this, a larger labia might make it challenging for women to wear clothing like yoga trousers, gym pants, and bathing suits, which are becoming increasingly popular day by day. Furthermore, the majority of women reported a feeling of embarrassment when developing intimate relationships with their companions. Females take into account these factors and others while deciding whether to have a labiaplasty.

The process of labiaplasty is another important thing you must know in labiaplasty before and after. 

Labiaplasty: The Process 

Labiaplasty was initially performed in a single technique only and it was a renowned process as well. However, with the passage of time and development in technology, a variety of techniques evolved. The following are a few of them:

Trim Technique:

The trim technique is the primary and the one that comes naturally. Additionally, it is the method that surgeons employ the most frequently. As the name suggests, in this method, trimming off the extra labia minora takes place. After the tissues are cut out, it is attached to the labia majora to provide symmetry. 

Wedge Technique: 

This is the technique in which the labia minora’s thickest region has a half-thickness wedge excised from it. By merely eliminating a portion of its thickness, the submucosa must remain intact. By retaining the wrinkly margins, this method offers the vagina a natural appearance following the surgery too.

In order to reduce the labia minora, there are a number of additional procedures as well. However, each of them has its own set of pros and cons. It is critical to ensure that an individual chooses a plastic surgeon who is well-certified and specialized in labiaplasty if they are thinking about getting one to assure the best results.

To understand the labiaplasty before and after better, let’s understand what happens during the labiaplasty procedure. 

Anesthesia During Labiaplasty:

It is important to understand that labiaplasty is a kind of outpatient procedure. This surgery, whether carried out alone or combined with other surgical procedures, can be finished in an hour. On the basis of the treatment strategy established by the surgeon, the process might be carried out under the influence of general or local anesthesia. 

The next thing we must discuss in labiaplasty before and after is aftercare. Let’s see. 

Labiaplasty Aftercare:

It is a renowned fact that female genitalia is extremely delicate and should always be properly cared for. For this reason, there is some labiaplasty aftercare advice that a patient must know before undergoing the labiaplasty treatment. Aftercare of labiaplasty is critical in labiaplasties before and after

Patients must avoid taking long showers and always dry the wound after washing by gently patting it. To prevent any post-procedure discomfort and swelling, one must properly take the surgeon’s prescribed antibiotics. 

It is suggested to avoid any kind of strenuous activities like running and bicycle riding until there is an all-clear sign given by your plastic surgeon. The healing time shall be unnecessarily prolonged if a patient returns to heavy physical activities too soon and places irrelevant strain on the incision. 

It is also suggested to avoid clothing that induces friction against the wound. Hence tight clothing must not be worn. Additionally, the patient must abstain from sexual activity for a month at least. 


As we have discussed labiaplasty before and after, there are both practical and aesthetic advantages of labiaplasty. Most of the time, women choose labiaplasty as an excess of labia can be irritating and hurtful to them and might interrupt several activities. 

However, some women also desire to regain their youthful appearance with the help of this surgery. While there could be several reasons why a woman might choose labiaplasty, it is important to ensure that they choose the best surgeon and follow the aftercare tips carefully.