The art of lifting weights has intertwined itself into most people’s gym routines. Whether it’s a teenage boy hitting the gym for the first time hoping to bulk up over winter, ready to impress the ladies over summer or the elderly lady who does light cardio and weights to keep in shape, more people are exploring the benefits of weightlifting.

Then you have the people who take it to the extreme, who turn it into a way of life. Bodybuilders are near to superhuman nature and create astronomical strength. 

Competitive bodybuilders are the crème de la crème of bodybuilding – using weights to ultimately lead to fame in the sporting world and beyond. Below, we’ll look at their journey and how bodybuilders now find fame easier than ever.

Paul Dillet:

Paul Dillet put Canada on the map. He is one of the most prominent and influential bodybuilders, having amassed titles in the North American Championships, Grand Prix France, and the Night of Champions. He also openly spoke about his steroids and how they impacted his ability to gain an insane amount of muscle.

Steroids Canada companies promote how steroids – when used correctly – not only help professional bodybuilders achieve the size they need but also aid in the treatment of blood disorders, connective tissue disease, and even some cancers.

Paul then used his following to create the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) – a highly successful fitness and fashion magazine. He also features regularly as a guest speaker at some of the most successful bodybuilding events in history, like the famous Arnold Classic. 

The Iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger:

It’s impossible to write an article like this without mentioning the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is perhaps one of the most well-known and famous bodybuilders there is – his career now spans nearly 60 years.

Known not only for his insane size – especially in his youth – he is the infamous terminator, the Kindergarten Cop, or the dad just trying to get through Christmas.

He has truly become a household name, using his love for bodybuilding and weights to catapult him into a life of stardom. He even dabbled in politics, becoming the governor of California – people simply love him that much!

Martyn Ford:

Martyn Ford is across the sea from the US and Canada, but this bodybuilder is quickly becoming a movie star in his own right.

The self-proclaimed ‘world’s scariest man used his unique aesthetic to amass 4.2 million followers on Instagram, despite never having competed in a bodybuilding competition.

What he has done, however, is project himself into the limelight with a ruthless training style and his recent appearance in Fast and Furious and has previously featured in The Kingsman. 

Bodybuilders are more than just muscle. They are dedicated and talented individuals who can use their sheer size to amass a following great enough to project them to new levels of fame.

The discipline they have in the gym transpires into a lifelong career – it’s the reason many young people are now so attracted to the sport.