Blanqueamiento dental is the most important thing to get done for your oral hygiene. It helps you to remove any stain and discolouration of your teeth and makes them shine brightly. Whitening is the most common and popular cosmetic dental process that improves the oral health and look of your teeth. 

If you are having discolouration or stain problems in your teeth, you must see your dentist as soon as possible. 

Mostly, dentists will recommend you to go for a teeth whitening process, and it will be worth opting for. However, many people think teeth whitening is a one-time process, but it is not. 

On a repeated basis, you are required to go for its cleaning to maintain the bright colour of your teeth. To know all about the blanqueamiento dental costo and process, you can go through the following details. 

Teeth Whitening Options And Its Prices:

If you want to get your teeth whitening done, you have varieties of options available to you nowadays. You can undergo the process at home, at the office, and under proper dental care too. 

So, as per your convenience, choose whichever option you find suitable. All these options are based on varying peroxide concentrations and application timings. 

1. Treat With Professional Dispensed Home Kit:

If you don’t have much time to attend appointments and get your teeth whitening done, you can do it at home itself. Simply, buy the dispensed take-home kit on the recommendation of your dentist. The take-home kit does not cost much. This professional dispensed a home kit for blanqueamiento dental precio starts from $100 and costs upto $400. 

These kits are easy to incorporate, and if it is in gel form, it remains easy for approx one hour and even longer than that. Try to get the one with a lower peroxide percentage, as the less peroxide concentration is the longer it remains on your teeth without harming them. 

2. Make Use Of Over Counter Products:

This method of blanqueamiento dental is a little cheap and convenient method. It involves bleaching gel of lower concentration in comparison to dispensed home kits. These over-the-counter products do not involve high blanqueamiento dental costo. 

You only need $20 to $100 for this treatment. To apply this gel, you can use one size fits all trays, paint on applicators, or strips. 

3. In-office Whitening: 

In-office whitening is said to be the best effective method for teeth whitening. This method involves a high concentration of peroxide gel that is mainly done by dentists or any trained technician.

This in-office whitening treatment costs almost $650 to $700 on average. You need two or three sessions of this treatment to get perfect white teeth. 

Blanqueamiento Dental

Cost of commonly used blanqueamiento dental products and kits: 

Most over-the-counter blanqueamiento dental products cost comparatively lesser than any other methods. You can get blanqueamiento dental done with these options at a very affordable rate. 

Though it may happen that you won’t get the same outcome as such professional treatment or at-home kits, they will be worthy of your budget. For your convenience, we have brought you the details of these products along with their individual price ranges. 

1. Whitening Strips:

Whitening strips are a good option for people who are looking for an easy way to get their blanqueamiento dental done along with cutting down the blanqueamiento dental costo. These strips work by sticking to the teeth and releasing bleaching agents into the teeth.

A typical whitening strip will cost you around 1.5 to 10 dollars, depending on the quality of strips you are buying. This method of teeth whitening can be done very easily and quickly. 

2. Whitening Trays:

A whitening tray is used along with a bleaching gel. These trays can be placed over teeth and then the gel is put into them. These trays are used by dentists and also at home by you to get your teeth cleaned. 

These can be brought from any medical store at around 10 dollars. Once get this done, your smile will brighten your face and will enhance your look elegantly. 

3. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste:

If you cannot afford the blanqueamiento dental precio then you can switch to whitening toothpaste. This method is commonly used by almost every person. This method costs not more than $2.5 dollar. 

The minimum amount you need to spend on this is 1 or 2 dollars. So, if you do not want to spend huge amounts on teeth whitening, use whitening toothpaste regularly for brushing. 

This is the best affordable and convenient option that you can try at your home. You can easily get any suitable toothpaste in the market, as they are widely available. However, it is good to contact your dentist before selecting any particular toothpaste.

A good dentist will recommend you the toothpaste that is best for your teeth and does not cause any harm or affect your oral hygiene. 

4. LED Products For Teeth Whitening:

You may think that LED products will harm your teeth, but it does not cause any harm to your teeth. In fact, these products are considered to be the best method for the teeth whitening process available at an affordable blanqueamiento dental precio. 

The products involve devices that use blue light to whiten your teeth by activating the bleaching agent. These products may cost you around 62 dollars to 70 dollars. 

Though this option is a little expensive, its service and result are worth your money. So, if you are looking for the best and most effective results, you can go for the LED teeth whitening products.   


Hence, these were some of the options along with the individually given blanqueamiento dental costo. You can choose any of the options that you find suitable for yourself. 

However, there are certain risks involved in these procedures such as tooth decay, gum irritation, sensitivity problem, etc. 

Proper care and guidance will help you to avoid these risks. Moreover, if you are looking for some other alternatives to teeth whitening, you can opt for veneers or a dental bonding process.  

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