Tired of searching ‘how to pull a tooth‘ on the internet? Well, we understand your struggle as teeth are one of the most important features of the human body. It gives a distinct shape and structure to the face and also helps in biting, chewing, and grinding food.

A person experiences tooth fall out twice in their lifetime. Firstly, when they are young the temporary milk teeth get replaced by a permanent set of adult teeth, secondly when they grow old and discover several gum and teeth problems.

Though dentists usually advise removing/pulling teeth in case of several dental problems, poor oral hygiene, gum diseases, or injury to the mouth, that can only be done by a professional.

To make your child’s tooth-pulling journey easier, here we will discuss different steps you need to follow in case of removing your tooth by yourself at home.

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How To Pull A Tooth?

Tooth-pulling is often regarded as one of the crucial deciding factors in the placement of a permanent set of teeth. One needs to follow several instructions before pulling a tooth as too early or late pulling of temporary teeth may affect the structural and jaw development.

Once your tooth enters the loose phase where it eventually becomes looser, you can try these few tips on how to pull out a tooth swiftly at home.

1. Brush and Floss:

Brushing the loose teeth in and around may help the teeth loosen up a little bit more. Then, flossing at the bottom of the tooth makes them fall out effortlessly and painlessly.

2. Wet/Washed Cloth:

Another tried and trusted process is removing the loose tooth with the help of a wet/washed cloth. Take a piece of cloth or gauze and wash it. Keep it on the loose tooth place and slightly wiggle it. The wet cloth absorbs and prevents the blood from running out and makes the tooth-pulling process easier.

3. Wiggle and Twist:

If your child is discovering tooth fallouts but that one tooth is unable to pull out despite all pulling measures try this one. In this method, you first need to wiggle your teeth a little bit and then gently twist them from the sides. This helps in the easy pullout.

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4. The Doorknob Method:

Children are often scared of discovering pain while pulling out their temporary teeth. While striving for distinct mystifying techniques might work. One such technique is the doorknob method. To try this method, tie the loose tooth by one end of a piece of string and the other end of the string to the doorknob. Then, close the door fastly. Make sure you don’t slam the door too hard. As you shut the door, the tooth will eventually come flying out.

5. The Flyball Method:

In this method, tie the loose tooth (that needs pulling out) with the help of a piece of string at one end. And tie the other end with a softball or baseball. Then, throw the ball up in the air. The tooth comes out flying. Avoid throwing it too hard.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tooth Pulled?

As people are suffering from dental problems more frequently, the need for the right treatment gets more prominent. Many people search ‘how much does it cost to get a tooth pulled on the internet’. But they don’t realize that the cost usually depends on how massive one’s dental problem is.

According to some reports, the extraction process costs between $75 to $800 per tooth. One can go to community dental clinics in case of no dental insurance.


One can opt for the above-mentioned methods for temporary teeth pullouts. Good daily dental hygiene including using fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwash, flossing, and avoiding regular smoking, sugary foods, and drinks are essential in preventing long-term teeth and gum complications.

Do not try these pullout methods for the removal of permanent adult teeth. Visit the dentist immediately if you experience severe tooth pain or any other alarming adult-tooth dental problems.