Pineapple juice for wisdom teeth is increasing in popularity. Wisdom tooth removal is a little painful and uncomfortable process. You are compelled to go for wisdom tooth removal due to certain reasons. 

The extraction process may give you severe pain, swelling, and discomforting feelings. It creates a chance of infection, inflammation, and risk of damaging other teeth too. 

So, after the wisdom tooth extraction, your doctor will recommend you to take a proper diet, and anesthesia, and follow a few days’ routines in order to get recovered properly.

There are various hacks that we can find on the internet and on social platforms about how you can reduce your pain and the side effects of wisdom tooth removal. Before trying those hacks, we must understand that these tricks are effective. 

Or does it give negative side effects? Recently, on TikTok, one of the users advised everyone to use pineapple juice for wisdom teeth solution. So, let’s have a look at the facts that help us to understand whether pineapple juice is a good solution to wisdom teeth problems or not. 

Idea Of Drinking Pineapple Juice For Wisdom Teeth: 

It has not been identified yet where this idea of drinking pineapple juice for wisdom teeth recovery evolved. But it is believed that one TikToker shared her video of drinking 64 ounces of pineapple juice before her wisdom teeth surgery with the caption pineapple juice wisdom teeth

She later mentioned that she felt no pain and reduced swelling after the wisdom teeth removal surgery. This made everyone believe that pineapple juice works for people undergoing wisdom teeth surgery, and it helps in reducing swelling, aches, and pain in the teeth. 

What Happens In Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

This is the process that is done carefully by a dentist or oral surgeon under the proper care of medical facilities. Wisdom teeth are basically the third molars among the entire set of teeth. The main aim of a surgeon or dentist is to prevent severe complications in the teeth such as infections, pain, and tooth decay. 

Under this surgery, dentists make an incision in the gums of our teeth, and then remove the tooth by cutting connectivity tissue with bones. Later, they stitch the wound and provide you with proper medication to get rid of pain or swelling. The dentists may suggest you pineapple juice for wisdom teeth for fast recovery. 

How Pineapple Juice Relevant To Wisdom Teeth? 

Moving ahead to see whether pineapple juice has a little fact about wisdom teeth or not, and how much is it relevant. Though this claim is a little complicated to understand, it is somewhat true. It’s true that pineapple juice helps in reducing swelling and pain due to natural enzymes present in it. 

The pineapple juice has the enzyme called bromelain, which triggers the body to fight against pathogens, and enables the body to overcome the pain and swelling due to surgery. This way, pineapple juice contents are said to be relevant for wisdom tooth extraction. 

Moreover, there was a study carried out involving 40 people. All of them were made to drink pineapple juice for wisdom teeth. And among all of them, over 70% of people find it beneficial. All of them felt better and experienced zero pain and reduced swelling. They also took antibiotics which helped them a lot. Then, it was derived that it was bromelain that helped them, not the pineapple juice. 

Pineapple Juice For Wisdom Teeth

Is It Okay To Drink Pineapple Juice After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

After the dental surgery, it might not be wise enough to drink pineapple juice. If you think that pineapple juice will reduce your swelling and pain, you must also know that it requires a condition. 

In order to feel its effect, you need to drink lots of pineapple juice. And in contrast to this, pineapple juice contains high levels of sugar, which can cause negative side effects to your body such as diarrhea, nausea, and uneasiness. 

So, drinking pineapple juice wisdom teeth may not be as effective as you think. 

Dentists normally recommend 8 ounces per day to drink. So, if you feel severe pain or swelling, you have bromelain in the form of pineapple juice along with a grain of salt as recommended. Also, remember to first talk to your dentist before making any decision. 

Can You Try This Formula To Ease Your Pain? 

Yes, you can try pineapple juice for wisdom teeth but only if you follow its limit and don’t overdo it. A small quantity daily will give you positive results. Or you can also try alternative hacks such as applying a cold compress on your cheeks to reduce swelling, resting, or consuming anti-inflammatory drugs to manage pain and swelling. 


Hence, these are the facts that will help you understand whether pineapple juice is okay to consume or not. And if yes, then when is the right time for it before or after the surgery? So, if you feel any pain in your teeth, may be due to wisdom teeth surgery or not, you can have a small amount of pineapple juice. This will ease your pain or swelling.

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