Eyelash extensions before and after are going to be significantly helpful if you are planning to receive this modern treatment for your precious eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are always a great way to draw attention to your magnificent eyes. Well, it’s a fact that eyelashes can make your eyes look good but we can’t ignore the investment involved in it, whether it be time or money. 

Getting eyelash extensions done is easy, but taking care of them is not. You will have to be very mindful while preparing for eyelash extensions before and after. Here, we are going to tell you some of the rules that you must follow eyelash extensions before and after getting your eyelash extension done. Before going further, let’s understand why it is crucial to follow eyelash extensions before and after rules. 

Why are Before and Aftercare Important? 

Every investment needs maintenance and the same goes for eyelash extensions. You just can not get it done and ignore it. If you are cautious about your eyelash extensions and taking good care of them, then you can expect the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Your eyelashes will be clean which will add to your beauty. 
  • Taking care of eyelashes can avoid eye infections
  • Eyelashes will stay the same for a longer duration. 
  • Your money will be saved, as you won’t need to replace or maintain eyelash extensions quite often. 

I hope by now you must be aware of the need for eyelash extensions before and after preparation. Check out the rules you need to follow before and after the eyelash extensions procedure. 

What to do Before an Eyelash Extension Appointment? 

Preparing before the eyelash extensions procedure is as important as aftercare. You can follow the below-mentioned eyelash extensions before and after tips to keep yourself ready before your eyelash appointment. 

Don’t use mascara 24 hours before the appointment: 

Avoiding wearing mascara before the appointment would be quite beneficial for you to get the best results. Not using it for at least 24 hours prior to the appointment is a must, but the more you avoid it the better the results will be. Hence, make sure to not use waterproof mascara or eyeliner for one week before the appointment. 

Avoid any kind of oil contact, 24-48 hours prior to the eyelash appointment: 

It gets quite mandatory to avoid any kind of oil contact before the appointment. To be more precise, you can ignore using oil-based makeup remover, sunscreen, and eye creams. 

Visit the place with makeup-free eyes: 

If you wore makeup 2-3 days before the appointment, clean them as soon as possible. Mascara residue and oil and the remaining oil should be completely cleaned up. You can use non-oil-based makeup remover or cleanser to clean your eyes. Removing mascara and oil residue is important because, if you don’t get time to remove them, there is a high chance that the adhesive of eyelash extensions won’t bond properly with the eyelash. 

Avoid consuming caffeine: 

Consuming caffeine must be avoided before the appointment. Caffeine can make your eyes flutter and if the concerned person observes a flutter in your eyes then they will reschedule your appointment date, considering your health and safety as the top priority. 

Wash your hair nicely before your eyelash application: 

Your new eyelashes are not going to come into contact with water for at least 24 hours after the eyelash extension application. Hence, it is recommended to wash your hair nicely before the appointment to keep them clean. You may choose steam from the bathtub, rinsing off in the shower, or whatever you prefer to provide water to your hair. 

Eyelash Extensions Before And After

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare: 

Here are a few things that you can do to keep your eyelashes stunning for a long period. 

Avoid moisture for the next 24 hours after the eyelash extension application: 

Prevent your lashes from coming in contact with any kind of moisture for the next 24 hours after getting eyelash extensions done. Avoid steam rooms, bathtubs, showers, swimming, and working out. 

Wash your face every day: 

You don’t need to run from the water after the first 24  hours of the application. Oils on your skin can negatively impact your lashes if not cleaned properly. Also, you can feel irritation due to the infection caused by the bacteria building up near your eyelash. Just simply, wash your face using a mild oil-free cleanser, clean the lashes gently with a soft dedicated brush and finally rinse with water. 

Don’t forget to brush your eyelashes regularly: 

As your natural eyelashes grow up, there are chances that your lash extensions may get tangled and twisted in them after your sleep. To prevent this, brush your eyelashes regularly to keep them firm and groomed. Tangling may lead to pulling out your natural lashes which can result in discomfort and pain. 

Avoid rubbing your eyes, tugging, pulling, or twisting your eyelashes: 

You may end up pulling out your natural eyelashes while rubbing your eyes, tugging, pulling, or twisting your eyelashes. It will take time to grow them and get that look again. 

Use oil-free products: 

Choose to use only oil-free products to get the best out of your eyelash extensions. Oil can reduce the intensity of the adhesive applied along with the eyelash extension, which may cause the automatic removal of the lashes. 

Sleeping on your back is recommended: 

Try to sleep on your back, primarily during the first 24 hours to keep the lashes intact. After 24 hours, extensions would be fixed, but sleeping from the face side may tangle and twist the lashes and damage the firmness. 

Ignore waxing, peels, or other chemical treatment: 

Any kind of chemical treatment should be ignored after the lash application. It includes all types of pampering like facials, waxing, peels, etc. 

Wash your face after swimming or working out: 

Make sure that you are cleaning your face nicely after swimming or working out to not let the sweat stay over your skin. The salt in it can weaken the bond between the adhesive and the lashes. 


To enjoy the beauty of your lash extensions for a longer duration, you must follow the above-mentioned eyelash extensions before and after care tips. Apart from all the above-mentioned points, you should know that taking off your eyelashes on your own is not recommended, contact the concerned person to do it.