A healthcare branch of York County Community Action Corporation that provides national patient-centered medical homes is Nasson Health Care. Its motive is to provide primary care to everyone with a reasonable price, high caliber, easy access, and treatment with dignity. Primary medical care, dental care, and mental health services are available in Nasson with skilled, experienced, and caring specialists. 

They believe every human has the fundamental right to obtain high-quality healthcare, and they work to provide everyone with the best healthcare, regardless of their financial situation, whether they have insurance, Medicare, MaineCare, or no insurance at all. Let’s delve into a discussion about the best healthcare provider in the business ahead in the article.

What Is York County Community Action?

Since 1966, a non-profit organization has been serving people recognized as York County Community Action Corporation (YCCAC). York County is part of the United States where the Nasson Health Care is being run. Its main motive is to find the root cause of poverty, work towards lessening it, and hold the independence of the prominent residents of York County.

The YCCAC offers housing, energy services, transportation, Head Start, community interaction, and health care services. Every year, they help thousands of low-income residents of York County, and they even receive aid with assistance in family budgeting and home management. They are working towards change in partnership with the nesson. 

What Are The Appreciation Held By Nassons Health Care?

Patient-focused healthcare facility:

The National Committee for Quality and Assurance (NCQA) named Nesson as a patient-centered medical home, which is a great honor. The center guarantees coordinated care with maximum efficiency, enhancing community and allowing delivery of the best care to their patients.

HRSA Quality of Care Awards:

An award is held every year to the owner of health care programs that enhance the general well-being of residents by providing the best treatment and care. The Community Health Quality Recognition (CHQR) award is one such award for highlighting the efforts of the organization for the better well-being of its people. The award has been granted to Nasson Health Care for the year 2023.

Health Care Status Qualified by Federal Law:

The U.S. Department provides federally qualified health centers (FQHC) recognition for maintaining health and human services. Nasson has successfully received recognition and works as a public health service provider for specific health-related claims.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) provides funding for healthcare programs in the country. Nasson is recognized by the department and is honored as the best healthcare provider with a genuine price.

What are the services provided by nasson health care?

Primary healthcare services provided by Nasson Health Care include physical examinations, regular doctor visits, checkups, medications, vaccinations, and immunizations. They also provide healthcare education, screenings, referrals to specialty care at the time of need, and the treatment of chronic illnesses like diabetes and asthma.

The organization is nationally recognized for patient-centered medical homes. Nasson ensures meeting all the requirements for maintaining proper health with having the best primary carroting. Thousands of doctors and therapists work to provide integrated care and manage all kinds of chronic illnesses. They understand the need and ways of dealing with depression, anxiety, obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, COPD, or any other ailment.

Nasson gives the best for preventing the patient from reaching the end stage and having them become entirely well. They work towards providing the best health care by making a connection with their patients. The main goal is to find all the tools and services required by people and provide continuous assessment and health to patients taking care of themselves.

The organization also provides access to dental programs for primary care patients, which include examinations and assessments, consultations, dental X-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, restorative procedures, management of oral trauma, referrals, and emergency dental care. The patient’s overall well-being is looked after, and completed treatment assistance is provided and maintained by the Nasson Health Care patient portal.

What Is The Specialty Of Nasson Health Care?

The main positive point for Nasson is that they treat patients of all ages and can provide first-rate primary medical care from their doctors and nurse practitioners. They worked in patient-centered healthcare to help people in need with the best medical facilities. The strategies for accessing healthcare are accessible to everyone.

Nasson has a working health management team whose primary concentration is to deal with individuals and build lasting relationships with them. The healthcare professionals at Nasson are renowned for their exceptional qualifications and empathy, and they provide an extensive range of services to fulfill patients’ requirements. 

Almost all the services are offered at every location of Nasson Health Care making it easy and quick for people to receive the care they require. The services include sickness, injury, and preventative therapies. Primary care, which involves physical examinations and health management, child visits and examinations, medicare wellness visits, and management of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and asthma, are also looked over.

The health of women is also prioritized, including family planning and care for flu, cold, and other respiratory illnesses. Assistance with regular vaccinations and immunization is also provided. Regular screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is conducted to maintain the well-being of people. The Nasson is the best recommendation for specialized medical care.

Telehealth service of Nasson Health Care:

With telehealth services, getting in contact with a doctor has become simpler than ever. With the help of internet connectivity and a computer, smartphone, or tablet, the Nasson Health Care patient portal provides its long-term patients with the ease of seeing their physician just by sitting at home.

The telehealth facility eliminates possible obstacles to receiving the necessary medical care; it also gives patients continued access to primary care services and the capacity to take charge of their health. People of Nasson can access the following services using their telehealth services: 

1. Consulting with their physician: Speaking with doctors via live video is an easy way to deal with medical conditions immediately.

2. Transmit/Get messages: Sending and receiving secure email communications with physicians to discuss treatment choices and manage health has become very simple with online services.

3. Remote monitoring: For chronic health issues like hypertension, healthcare supplies the capability to collect medical data remotely that can assist with informing patients about their situation and guaranteeing timely therapy. 

4. Health Education: To assist patients in taking better care of their health at home and enhance it overall, Nasson providers give educational materials to their patients for assistance. It provides information about recurring ailments or mild urgent care (colds, coughs, stomach problems, migraines, etc.) 


To treat and care for the people, Nasson also collaborates with several social service providers and medical professionals in the area. Nasson’s program of sliding price discounts lowers fees by the number of members and income of the family. 

Nasson tries its best to provide the best health services for everyone without worrying about the high bill amount. Anyone looking for proper health care assistance and establishing healthy well-being can connect with Nasson Health Care. Indeed Nasson is best for dealing with health concerns, providing treatment, and maintaining overall health.

Who covers the costs of Nasson’s health care services?

When compared to hospital or skilled nursing facility care, Nasson is typically more affordable and equally effective. Insurance companies, Medicare, the V.A., or private cash may cover all the extra expenses of the healthcare service provider.

Is Nasson Health Care accepting patients?

Yes, both adults and children are welcome to seek medical care from Nasson Health. Although availability varies occasionally, a new patient appointment typically takes place five to six weeks in advance.

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