Toe whitening has been a crucial part of a pedicure. We all love to get a good pedicure, but it is not always possible to take out some time from a busy schedule and go to a salon for someone. Apart from that, most of us can not afford to visit a salon whenever we wish to as it can prove to be quite expensive. This is the time when you should switch to doing your pedicure at your home to save time and money.

The best part about an at-home pedicure is that you would be able to customize it according to your style and preference as well. Well, getting a pedicure done at home is not a new thing, but it gets quite difficult to have the results that we wish for in some cases.

One thing that we all struggle with during at-home pedicures is toe whitening as this is the toughest part. If you have yellow, discolored toenails, then making them look white and polished can be done through toe whitening; however, is not easy at all.

To help you with that, we have come up with an instant toe whitening pedicure procedure at home that you can keep handy to get salon-like results. Let’s get started.

Collect Your Supplies:

You can not start your toe whitening pedicure at home without the help of essential supplies. You are going to need a foot soak, foot scrub, foot crème, foot mask, nail file, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, toe separator, base coat, top coat, and some cotton balls or pads. Gather all the mentioned things and make sure to not miss any of them.

Also, make sure that you are using high-quality supplies with effective ingredients. Check if any of these ingredients can be potentially harmful to your skin in any possible way for a safe experience.

Soften Your Skin and Nails:

To start the process of toe whitening, fill up a container with warm water and soak your toes in it. Keep your foot inside the water for at least 10-15 minutes, don’t put your foot in boiling water. This will soften your skin and nails.

It is easier to get rid of the dead skin cells when the nails and skin are softened, without any wear or tear. The warm water also makes you feel good during the pedicure procedure.

Scrub Your Toes:

Once you are done with softening skin and nails, scrub them using a foot scrub to exfoliate. Exfoliating is a must to keep your skin looking glowing. This will easily remove the dead skin cells and make your feet feel smooth and refreshed. Don’t go harsh on your skin and scrub it gently.

Scrubbing brings out the fresh and bright skin that is often lost underneath the layer of the dull and dead skin cell layer. As you scrub your toes to remove this unpleasant skin layer, you can find that your feet look fresh and beautiful,

Use a Foot Mask:

Apply a foot mask just after scrubbing your foot. Foot masks will nourish and hydrate your feet. There are multiple benefits of a foot mask. Applying it regularly can give it the healthy and glowing appearance that you have always wished for.

It is common for people to use a mask on their faces; however, we must tell you that the skin of your entire body has quite similar requirements and you need masks to keep them healthy and glowing. Masks often have healing properties and other nutrients which give your foot skin a brighter appearance.

Massage Using a Foot Cream:

Foot mask will hydrate your skin, to keep the moisture you are going to need a moisturizer for your feet. Massaging using a foot cream is very important for toe whitening pedicures at home. Look for the best foot cream available in the market and massage the skin nicely to moisturize it and get the best results.

Massaging won’t only make your foot look good but will enhance blood circulation as well. Your feet will be relaxed as you massage them and the pedicure will treat them inside out.

Shape Nails and Polish Them:

Now it’s time to use the nail file to shape your nails and buff away the rough edges using the nail buffer to make your nails look perfect. Push back the cuticles using a cuticle pusher to keep your toes safe while polishing the nails, with the help of toe separators.

Whiten Your Nails:

It is quite difficult to whiten nails, but you can easily do it by following some simple steps. In order to whiten your nails, apply a base coat over your nails and then go for a few coats of white polish to get the desired outcome. Later, finish the process with a final top coat to seal the colors and provide your nails with a lustrous glow.

Remove Excess Polish:

The last thing that you need to do is to check if you have mistakenly applied the polish on your skin. For this, you can use a cotton ball or a pad, soak it in the nail polish remover and gently rub the place to clean the polish.


All the above-mentioned steps will help in getting an instant toe whitening pedicure at home with no stress of going to a salon or paying hefty charges for the services. A pedicure once in a while won’t only keep your feet looking beautiful but healthy as well.