“Why do orthopedic surgeons hate podiatrists?” is one of the most common questions among healthcare professionals. Well, the basic difference between the two professionals is based on the different body parts they treat. 

You might be already aware that orthopedic surgeons offer treatment for issues related to the bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments in the body. 

Basically, they are doctors of bones and joints. On the other hand, podiatrists look after the problems related to the foot and ankle. 

The answer to “why do orthopedic surgeons hate podiatrists?” is likely to lie in the difference in the healthcare services they offer. Let’s understand more about the specialties of an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist. 

Do Podiatrists Also Perform Surgeries?

A podiatrist is particularly trained to offer podiatric medications. They have the experience to perform surgeries, ordering tests in labs, and make drug prescriptions. 

Professional podiatrists can provide treatments and surgeries for general issues related to the foot like foot ulcers, calluses, ingrown toenails, corns, and plantar fasciitis. In a nutshell, podiatrists perform surgeries as well. 

However, these surgeries are not as challenging as surgeries performed by orthopedic surgeons.

What Are The Most Challenging Orthopedic Surgeries?

A professional orthopedic surgeon can offer surgeries for critical bone loss, failed replacement of joints, and other complicated reconstruction surgeries as well. These are some of the most challenging orthopedic surgeries performed by orthopedic surgeons. 

However, the difference between the types of surgeries performed by a podiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon cannot clarify “why do orthopedic surgeons hate podiatrists?”. Hence, let’s learn more about the differences between their jobs. 

What Are The Common Problems Treated By a Podiatrist?

Different people from different age groups can take the help of a podiatrist for various conditions related to the foot. Podiatrists can offer treatments for problems like sprains and fractures. Common injuries on the foot and ankle can be treated by podiatrists. Podiatrists can also help athletes by treating their foot problems through sports medicine and suggesting methods to protect themselves from injuries. 

Do Podiatrists Order MRI Tests?

We are discussing the answer to “why do orthopedic surgeons hate podiatrists?” and we have already learned that podiatrists can order lab tests for their patients. 

But can they offer CT scans and MRIs as well? Well, a podiatrist can establish a diagnosis by ordering tests like a CT scan or MRI. 

On the basis of these tests, they can also perform the required surgery or offer the needed medication. For situations in which physical therapy might be needed by the patients, podiatrists can offer that as well. 

So far, we have understood the roles of an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist. Let’s now look deeper into the reasons “why do orthopedic surgeons hate podiatrists?”.

Why Do Orthopedic Surgeons Hate Podiatrists? What Are The Reasons?

If we look into the similarities between an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist, then both are qualified doctors who have been to medical schools. 

Both are licensed to offer the treatments they perform. Also, their legal rights are the same and they have a similar set of responsibilities as any other physician in the industry. 

However, podiatrists are not trained for emergency medicine, internal medicine, and family practice. They are particularly trained for offering podiatric medicine that is related to the foot. 

Then, why do orthopedic surgeons hate podiatrists? What are the reasons? In comparison to other allopathic doctors, podiatrists are poor physicians, in general. 

The knowledge of podiatrists about medicines besides their specialty is very limited or unconsiderable. When it comes to general medicine, the training of an orthopedic surgeon is better than that of a podiatrist. 

Podiatric surgeons have better knowledge and training in generic medications, general principles of surgeries, and care post operations. 

The reason behind the expertise of the orthopedic surgeons is the extensive training that they gain after studying in medical school for four years and completing one year of internship. 

While most podiatrists are likely to have friendly relationships with orthopedic surgeons, the reason behind the rise of the question “why do orthopedic surgeons hate podiatrists?” is likely to be the debate of “who is more appropriate to perform foot surgeries?”. 

Orthopedic surgeons would like to ensure that the surgeries for ankles and feet are performed by them; however, podiatrists can not let go of their right to perform surgeries in their area of specialty. 

Orthopedic surgeons have a specialty in performing surgeries for the entire musculoskeletal system. They can perform surgeries for all body parts from head to toe. 

As we talk about specialization, most orthopedic surgeons are likely to be specialists with multiple body parts like shoulder, knees, hands, and more. 

However, most orthopedic surgeons do not offer specialty for problems related to the ankle and feet. But there are certified orthopedic surgeons as well who own specialty in surgery for foot and ankle. 

Conclusion- Why Do Orthopedic Surgeons Hate Podiatrists?

To answer the question, why do orthopedic surgeons hate podiatrists? – It could be said that the relationship between orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists is quite complicated. It won’t be right to say that professionals hate each other. Basically, the complications in their relationship are rooted in how their roles overlap. 

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