Edge of insanity pre workout is definitely something a gym enthusiast must have. Workout is definitely something that should be preferred by each individual to lead a healthy and happy life. To deal with heavy workout sessions one requires energy more than their original stamina. 

There are numerous protein drinks available in the market to provide instant energy. One must definitely do some research before purchasing any kind of energy drink. As the ingredients, body requirements, and side effects everything has to be considered to get the perfect energy supplement for the body. 

It is hard to find the perfect drink with no side effects and the most effective rate because of the variety available in the market. So, this article will be about the edge of insanity pre-workout review or rating which will answer many of your questions and ease your decision.

Some Detail About Edge Of Insanity:

If you are looking for having a heavy and productive workout then the edge of insanity pre workout is the perfect product for you. It is manufactured by a psycho pharma company. They are available online as well as offline, which can be accessed on their official website  Psycho Pharma’s Homepage and on their Instagram handle @psychopharma

There are nine ingredients mixed together to finally get the mixture to the edge of insanity. A single scoop that might weigh 10g is more than enough to consume in a day before going for a workout. The product has a nutrition label transparency score of 100 percent and has even ranked 3rd position among all pre-workout supplements.

Ingredients Of Edge Of Insanity:

The basic ingredient includes nitric oxide which provides strength to muscles for weightlifting. Then it has 3.2g beta-alanine, and 8g citrulline malate, which gives a pump to the body and is one of the specialties of edge of insanity pre workout products. 

Then the powder has a mixture of 350mg caffeine, ignited with a powerful blend of Theobromine, 5mg Yohimbe Bark, and 4mg Rauwoulscine (Alpha Y), giving unbelievable energy. You won’t feel any weakness or uneasiness and will have a productive and most effective workout session.

Then 1,000 mg GABA, has the basic need of providing confidence to the person along with a good mood which helps in having productive exercising. An addition of 700mg in Infinity Dicaffeine malate gives you a boost but is also considered unhealthy for the digestive system of the body.

Thumbs Up For Edge Of Insanity Pre Workout:

The edge of insanity pre workout has a mixed rating which ranges from 3-4 stars. Most people have claimed that the product is effective and works its best. Nutrition Label Transparency has also given 100% to the product which is a win-win for the brand.

According to the database, edge of insanity ranks within324 out of 1,480 (top third within a category) of all the pre-workout supplements. Within the product used it ranks 1052 out of 4526 among all the supplement products available which give it third position overall.

The overall review is amazing which makes it the best on the list with very less or no side effects. As an overall review of the edge of insanity pre workout gets a thumbs up and can be consumed without any worries.

Drawbacks Of The Product:

The ingredients used for the preparation are not completely effective. Out of 9 ingredients, only three of them are good rated and most effective while the rest 6 are moderate or less effective. Two of them are not even listed in the list of supplement databases which is a basic drawback of the product.

Dosing is unbalanced because of which it is not considered the best but yet can be effective for some. The research rate of the edge of insanity pre workout is really low which is disheartening. Overall the product has made its way into the market and some of its drawbacks are covered.

Most Commented Review:

Regular consumers are helpful with their comments to new consumers. Most people write that because of consuming the product they do not feel any kind of laziness or fatigue. Their energy level is at its peak which ultimately helps them to have a great workout session every day.

Secondly, people love the flavor of the powder and comment the most about it. Appreciating the good taste of edge of insanity pre workout along with its effective effect on the body. People also appreciate the price and packaging of the product. 

You can go through the best review in the comment section of the edges of insanity before purchasing. You can even share your opinion or review of the product in the same section. Overall the rating is good and can be bought for effective help before going for a workout session.


If a push is needed for having a hitting-hard, effective and productive workout then you must consume a pre-workout product. Keeping in mind the availability of a variety of pre-workout products in the market, going for the best is difficult. With the help of all the ingredients list, review, and research one can conclude that edge of insanity pre workout is one of the best pre-workout supplements. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and that now you have an idea about the best pre-workout supplement, so it will be helpful for you to choose the best for yourself.