Foods to avoid when taking Lamotrigine needs to get special attention while maintaining good health. Some problems can just be overcome with the help of medicines prescribed by a certified doctor or timely care. Lamotrigine is one such problem that can easily be cured if proper care and medication are taken under care. 

Sometimes there are few risks with dealing with medication in such a condition. Doctors are well educated enough to note down all the points to be avoided. While taking some medicine we need to avoid particular food consumption to get the best results. So, let us discuss all Foods to avoid when taking Lamotrigine in this article.

What Is Lamotrigine?

Lamotrigine is a medication used to treat a disorder named epilepsy and stabilize mood in bipolar disorder sold under the brand name Lamictal among others. It is consumed along with some other medicines as well. Helps in curing extreme mood swings, seizures, stress, anxiety, dizziness, or any other kind of mental problems faced by the patient.

Lamotrigine falls under the class of anticonvulsants. The medicine can be effective for some while it can come along with side effects for some. It is daily advised to be under the consent of a qualified medical doctor to avoid any kind of risk for any type of health issues.

Some Side Effects Of Lamotrigine: 

The most common side effects noticed because of lamotrigine are blurred vision, double vision, clumsiness, unsteadiness, dizziness, or drowsiness. Do not try to handle it yourself or do anything else that could be more dangerous until you know how this medicine affects you. Definitely going to the doctor is the best choice that can be made in this situation.

Some Foods to avoid when taking Lamotrigine must also be kept in mind. The most basic thing suggested to avoid is the consumption of alcohol and all kinds of drugs. If one consumes alcohol along with lamotrigine it will directly affect their mental health leading to severe trauma.

Mostly lamotrigine is suggested to be consumed without any food or on an empty stomach to avoid any kind of minor risk. Basically, caffeine, drugs, or any food which helps you deal with your mental problems are suggested to be avoided while taking lamotrigine.

Foods To Avoid When Taking Lamotrigine:

If one is facing any problem with a particular food that must definitely be avoided. Although some common Foods to avoid when taking Lamotrigine are as follows:- 

1. Alcohol: 


Alcohol and bipolar disorder are just like the worst enemies. If you consume both together then you are definitely about to face a premature rupture. Alcohol affects mental health which will ultimately affect medication including lithium decreasing the effect of medicine consumed to cure lamotrigine.

There are various studies done on the topic such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and a study published in September 2015 in the journal The Lancet Psychiatry. They suggest that there are various people facing the problem and alcohol is definitely one of the reasons for their demise.

2. Caffeine: 

Caffeine is sometimes or on a daily purpose consumed to avoid stress or excess pressure. It directly triggers bipolar mood swings which are not healthy for a person facing lamotrigine. One can say caffeine lies on the list of foods to avoid while taking lamotrigine at the top. 

Studies about mental illness suggest that caffeine affects peaceful sleep, ultimately disturbing the mind of a person. People facing lamotrigine must keep themselves away from caffeine to get out of the issue.

3. Fats: 


Excess fat makes a person unhealthy, affecting the proper functioning of the body. Healthy Foods are rich in protein and low fat such as dairy products and eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains is good for health.

When a person is healthy they can deal with any kind of problem and cure it as soon as possible. Fiedorowicz suggests that a healthy heart is the key to a healthy person. So, fats-containing foods to avoid when taking lamotrigine.

4. Sugar: 

Consumption of excess sugar leads to obesity which disturbs mental health and causes problems. It even makes it harder to treat bipolar disorder. According to the study published in June 2015 in the journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica sugar must be avoided if one is on bipolar drug treatment.

5. Salt: 


If one is taking lithium for bipolar disorder conditions, then they need to carefully monitor their salt intake because any sudden increase or decrease in the amount of sodium they consume can affect lithium levels. 

If a person takes excess salt they can increase the risk of lithium toxicity. The condition is not good for a person getting treatment for lamotrigine. Excess lithium can directly attack mental health. So, salt is one of the foods to avoid when taking lamotrigine.

These are a variety of foods and drinks which must be avoided if one wants to get the proper cure for lamotrigine.

Healthy Foods Which Can Be Consumed When Taking Lamotrigine:

A proper diet that includes more healthy food and less oily and unhealthy food can be the best choice. Munching on fresh vegetables and fruit salad is the healthiest diet. Avoid the sweets and instead top a slice of whole-grain bread or a few crackers with fruit preserves.

Packed food is also suggested to be avoided and even fast food must be eliminated from the daily diet. To get perfect health try to stick to the doctor’s prescription. Well with this you know some foods to avoid when taking lamotrigine.


To deal with bipolar disorder one must convert themselves to a better and healthy lifestyle. Consumption of proper diet, exercising, and avoiding alcohol can be some basic steps. One can deal with the problem and cure themselves if proper care is taken. Along with the medication prescribed by the doctor one must try to be on a diet themselves.

I hope you had a great time reading the article and now you know all about foods to avoid when taking lamotrigine. Do comment and share your opinion in the comment section given below.

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