Foods to avoid while on Saxenda is a major concern among people who are trying to lose weight. Saxenda or liraglutide is an injectable form of medication of 3mg that is prescribed to adults who are facing difficulty in weight loss. saxenda is mostly suggested to adults who have a body mass index above or equal to 27. 

It is often also prescribed to children aged between 12 years to 17 years who weigh more than 60 kg or 132 pounds. The popularity of pens for weight loss like saxenda, Victoza, and Ozempic is increasing day by day. 

saxenda helps in the regulation of the appetite of individuals to treat problems like excess weight and obesity. Besides weight loss, saxenda also helps in controlling the blood glucose levels in the body and helps in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. 

Saxenda must only be taken as per the suggestion of professional doctors. Doctors mostly prescribe saxenda in combination with a regular exercise routine and a diet with low calories. Here, arises the question “what type of foods to avoid while on Saxenda?”.

If you are trying to change your lifestyle and seeking improvements, then simply relying on the medication won’t work for you. saxenda functions much like insulin cartridges only. They have preloaded cartridges that can be used by individuals to easily inject the right amount of medication within themselves. 

What Foods To Avoid While On Saxenda?

People often try to eliminate certain food groups from their diet completely; however, that is not the right thing to do. With so many restrictions, it gets harder to properly follow a diet plan.

The right method is to focus on the change of your lifestyle and not the diet only. The reason behind this is that the change of your lifestyle is meant for a lifetime, while any diet is likely to end within a few weeks or months only. 

If you actually wish to follow a healthy diet plan for a longer time, then you must include your favorite food items in it as well. However, you must not forget to maintain a healthy balance. 

Foods To Avoid While On Saxenda:

1. Food With Processed Sugar: 

 Food With Processed Sugar

In the list of foods to avoid while on Saxenda, the first item is food with processed sugar. It is always suggested to avoid excessive amounts of processed sugar in your food to avoid health complications. And, this tip must be strictly followed when you aim to lose weight. 

While the natural sugar that is generally found in honey and fruits does not increase our blood sugar levels, processed sugar is immediately absorbed by the body and leads to an immediate increase in the sugar levels of the blood.

Processed sugar only offers temporary energy gain that cannot be sustained. As a result, processed sugar motivates our body for extra sugar consumption to maintain energy. 

There are several food items like ice creams, chocolates, and cakes that must be avoided to prevent your body from the bad effects of processed sugar, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

2. Refined Carbohydrates:


Food items that have refined carbohydrates are also included in “foods to avoid while on Saxenda”. Some popular sources of refined carbohydrates are white pasta, white bread, and white flour. Refined carbohydrates can adversely affect our health like processed sugar only. 

Over-refining the carbs eliminate the presence of all the fibers, minerals, and vitamins from them. Food with refined carbohydrates can immediately increase the insulin and glucose levels in our body because the absence of fibers makes them easy to absorb for the body.

Refined carbs also lead to overeating more often because they cannot satisfy us. Hence, there are some popular types of diets like keto that completely eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates. 

3. Drinks With Sugar:

One of the most unhealthy things that you can consume while trying to stay healthy is sugary drinks. Hence, they are here on the list of foods to avoid while on Saxenda

Sugary drinks lead to excess consumption of calories by us. Eating more calories simply leads to unhealthy weight gain. 

4. Fast Food:

fast food

Fast food has recently been very popular among people from all age groups. The main reason behind the popularity of fast food is its cheap price and convenience. While fast foods are heavily advertised, they are listed among foods to avoid while on Saxenda. Fast foods have refined carbs, and processed sugars and they lack fibers which makes them very unhealthy for the body. 

Our body is not easily satisfied after the consumption of fast food as they do not have fibers. Thus, fast food also leads to overconsumption and an increase in weight. People from all age groups must avoid fast food. 

5. Alcoholic Beverages:

Consuming different types of alcohol can affect your weight gain in different ways. Majorly, beers are considered effective in weight gain. Heavy drinking can lead to harmful weight gain and other problems associated with it. Hence, alcoholic beverages are also considered among the foods to avoid while on saxenda

6. Excess of Spices: 

People are likely to face problems related to digestion if they consume excessively spicy food. Such problems must be avoided when you are on saxenda. Hence, when we consider foods to avoid while on Saxenda, spicy food is there on the list.

7. Processed Foods:

Major snacks such as granola bars, chips, and chocolates are processed food items. They rarely offer any nutrition to our bodies and offer calories. They have added sugars, refined carbs, and unhealthy oils in them which makes them unhealthy for the body. Thus, processed foods must also be avoided when you are trying to lose weight. 


People who have obesity and type 2 diabetes, are suggested to take saxenda. saxenda helps individuals in weight loss. 

While saxenda is effective for weight loss, relying on the medication alone cannot be that helpful in your weight loss journey. People are also suggested to maintain a healthy lifestyle for real benefits. Hence, they must regulate their diet and physical activity in combination with saxenda to lose weight effectively. 

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