Cluster lashes are enough to add more spice to your eye makeup. There are many different kinds of fake eyelashes available in the market. It makes the eyes look even more glamorous and stunning. 

The fake eyelashes make the eyes look prettier and bigger. It also gives a definite and sharp look to the eyes. There are also different kinds of lash extensions available. However not every type of eyelash is good for your eyes. 

As a makeup artist, it’s very essential to know what products including eyelashes are good for people. Some eyelashes are comfortable while some cause infection and irrigation. Some eyelash extensions are better than others. So in this article, we will discuss what cluster lashes are and why you should avoid them. 

What Are Cluster Lashes?

Cluster lashes are in the fashion trend now. They are fake easy to dispose eyelashes available in the market. Unlike strip lashes, these lashes are not combined. Rather they are cut into small parts. This makes it very easy to apply. After applying they look very natural. These cluster lashes are attached to the skin between the eyelashes which gives it a very natural look. 

These cluster lash extensions are applied with glue and take no time in applying them. They also give a better fill and idiomatic look to the eyes. However, lash artists recommend not using cluster lash

What Are Cluster Lashes

Cluster Lashes Should Be Avoided At All Costs:

The cluster lashes look fashionable and popular. However have you ever wondered if they are safe for your eyes? Well, they are not unsafe but it depends on some factors. They are:

Heavy For Your Eyes:

Applying cluster lashes is easy however removing them is very difficult. While pulling it you need to be careful not to pluck your natural eyelashes. If so the natural eyelashes will get damaged prematurely. 

The cluster lash extensions are very heavy compared to other lash extensions. This is because other lashes are applied individually. However, cluster lashes are divided into small parts due to which more than one lash is applied. This makes pressure on the natural lashes and makes them much heavier. 

Cluster Lashes Are Not Long Lasting:

The cluster lash extensions don’t last for a very long time. They are not permanent and one cannot wear them for long. The duration for wearing cluster lash is one day and they only last for one week. 

Harm To The Natural Eyelashes:

Cluster lashes look very natural on the eyes however when it starts coming off many natural lashes also get affected. Natural lashes also fall with them. Due to this getting another lash extension becomes difficult. Filling the eyelashes also becomes difficult. Excessive use of cluster lash extensions may also lead you to lose your natural lashes permanently. 

Using cluster lash may also lead to an eye infection. The weight of the fake cluster lash extensions and the glue used to stick it may cause damage to the eyes. It may stop the growth of natural lashes. 

Risk Of Infection:

These cluster lashes may irritate the eyes. The risk of eye infections also increases. Yet another problem with these lashes are you cannot sleep with them. While sleeping makes sure to take them off or else it may cause some serious eye infections

Reasons Why People Prefer Cluster Lashes:

Some people prefer cluster lashes although it’s harmful and risky due to the following reasons:

Easy To Apply:

Cluster lashes are much easier to apply than individual lashes. We just need to fill the gaps between the natural lashes to get glamorous voluminous eyelashes. However, in individual lashes, you need to put them carefully above the lashes which makes it quite difficult to apply them. 

Saves Time: 

People who apply cluster lash often say it takes much less time to apply them than individual lashes. It’s very convenient for busy people to apply it as wasting too much time on volumizing eyelashes is not constructive. 

Less Costly:

Cluster lash extensions don’t cost much. It’s very cheap compared to individual lashes. Due to this more people get attracted to it. 

Alternative To Cluster Lash Extension | Individual Lash Extension

In place of cluster lashes, you can apply for individual eyelash extensions. It is easy to use and remove. They are made from synthetic fibre material and are very soft. They come in different shapes and sizes so everyone can choose their style. It gives a natural classy look to the eyes. 

Cluster Lash Extension

Choice Between Cluster Lashes And Individual Lashes

Choosing individual lashes over cluster lashes is a wise decision. There is much less harm to natural eyelashes in individual lash extensions than in cluster lash extensions. So try to avoid using cluster lashes to protect your eyes and have healthy beautiful eyes. 


This is all you need to keep in mind while buying eyelash extensions. Make your own choice and say no to unhealthy ways of grooming yourself. Hope you find this article informative and beneficial. 


What are cluster lashes? 

Cluster lashes are lash extensions. They are split into small sections and are applied between the gaps of natural eyelashes. They give a very natural look to the eyes. 

Is cluster lash harmful to the eyes? 

Unfortunately yes the cluster lash extensions are harmful to the eyes. They may cause some infections, irritation, or itchiness. They may also cause permanent loss of natural eyelashes. 

Can I sleep putting cluster lash? 

No, try to avoid sleeping with any kind of fake lashes on your eyes. Remember to remove it before sleeping or it may cause infections, irritation, and itchiness in the eyes. 

Which lash extension is the best to use? 

Individual lash extensions are far better than cluster lash extensions. They are easy to use and do not cause any serious harm to the eyes. 

What is the difference between cluster lashes and individual lashes? 

Cluster lashes are split into small sections and it is applied between the natural eyelashes. However, as its name individual lashes are applied above the natural eyelashes and are easy to remove without damaging the natural eyelashes.