How long do dental implants last? This question is probably asked by everyone suffering from toothaches. Dental Implants are one of the popular and successful treatment options for damaged or missing teeth replacement. 

It improves your comfort and helps you to attain a natural-looking smile. It gives you a new sense of confidence and relief from toothache if present. If you are looking for a replacement for missing and damaged teeth, dental implants are an excellent solution. But the question may arise how long do dental implants last?

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Though dental implants are formulated to be a permanent solution for tooth replacement yet they can last for only 25 to 30 years. Moreover, their life span varies and entirely depends on how well you look after your teeth and oral hygiene.

The implants comprise a root made up of titanium embedded in the jawbone, as a replication of the root section of a natural tooth. A dental crown is implanted on the top as a replacement for a tooth. It is looked after just like a natural tooth to ensure its function and longevity. Cleaning and flossing teeth twice a day and regular visits to the dentist and hygienist are mandatory.

Recent implants are very successful and are made with titanium to increase stability and enable you to use them as you normally would. This is just like a natural tooth and you will only get to know the difference.

In this blog, we are going to know how long do dental implants last.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last

Factors Determining How Long Do Dental Implants Last:

As discussed above, the lifespan of dental implants is estimated at around 30 years if they are properly maintained and cared for. But some of the factors that can reduce the lifespan of dental implants like oral health, lifestyle choices, injury, and medical condition. 

And instead of wondering how long do dental implants last? It is best to discuss the available options with your dentist or any dental expert before you begin treatment. It will help you to decide whether implanting is the right option or not. 

1. Oral Health:

It is evident to wonder how long do dental implants last. Then remember dental implants after fitting need to be taken care of. For fixing the titanium root to be successfully fused, it must be assured that the gums are healthy and the jawbone is dense enough to hold an implant securely. Gum diseases if any must be treated before implants.

Gum diseases are the most common cause of tooth loss amongst adults. It hampers your comfort level and overall health. Hence a high level of oral care is ensured. It can be done by brushing your teeth twice a day and using floss frequently to reduce the buildup of plaque. 

2. Lifestyle Choices:

Lifestyle choices like smoking and heavy drinking play a very important role in how long do dental implants last. Proper care of these things is important at an early stage of life. A sufficient amount of blood flow is required to heal dental implants properly. Nicotine in tobacco affects the blood vessels, the level of oxygen, and blood flow and slows down recovery.

Heavy smoking leads to more production of bacterial plaque which turns into gum disease. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream hence the infected gums cannot heal properly. Consuming alcohol makes your blood thin which makes it not clot effectively after surgery to help your gums to heal.

3. Injury Or Damage:

The longevity of dental implants varies due to circumstances that are out of our control. Ceramic crowns are destructible just like natural teeth they are susceptible to cracking and damage. Dental crowns can be damaged by facial injuries, chewing hard substances, eating sticky foods, or using teeth to open bottles. 

If you are using your teeth to open a bottle you are risking damage to your implants and also the gums of your natural teeth. Your dental expert will treat that damage and once you are fully healed, the root of the implants is fixed with your jawbone.

4. Which Teeth Are Replaced:

The lifespan of dental implants also depends on the type and position of teeth to be replaced. As all teeth have different functions and roles like chewing, biting, eating, and speaking. 

Grinding of teeth is another factor as it leads to Bruxism, a condition where patient grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw repeatedly with unreasonable force. This puts pressure on the teeth and causes cracks to appear. During the implanting process, grinding and clenching cause disrupt recovery speed.

Maintaining Dental Implants:

A dental implant’s longevity differs from person to person and depends on how well you kept care of your oral hygiene. Because your teeth are artificial it doesn’t mean that you should not attend regular dental check-ups. Regular health hygiene appointment is important as it helps you to know how to properly care for dental implants.

Taking proper care of dental implants will have a positive impact on your lifestyle and will also help you to develop bad breath.

The above discussions have surely answered your question – how long do dental implants last? So now that you know it, do not hesitate to get a teeth implant soon before the condition becomes worse for you. 

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