The vagina is the private part of a woman’s body and is the most delicate part that every woman must be concerned about.  But still, many women feel uncomfortable talking about vagina-related problems. Just like we take care of our body, the vagina requires some extra care. Similar to our body health, vaginal health is also very important. 

Today, many celebrities have come up with these issues, and they are spreading awareness about it. However, it is every woman’s prime duty to start treating their vagina with some extra care. Gynecologists have come up with different helpful tips that will help you to keep your vagina clean and healthy. 

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Avoid Douching Your Vagina:

The vagina is the delicate part and it needs some soft touches. Therefore, avoid washing your vagina roughly; instead, clean it gently with non-scented soap or body wash. And make sure you clean the outer part, not the inner part. 

If you face any irritations, or any issues in your vaginal area, you can talk to your doctor and take vaginal health supplements. However, the vagina already is a fantastic organ that knows how to keep itself clean and maintain the pH levels to balance bacteria. 

Keep The Pubes Shaved :

There is nothing bad in trimming or shaving or removing pubic hair. Pubic hairs make you feel uncomfortable and also are very unhygienic for your vaginal health. Though the hairs protect your vaginal area from bacterial invasion, at the same time it itches and accumulates sweat, which sometimes starts smelling shit. 

To keep these smells and itching away, you can make use of vaginal health products. You must ensure that a gynecologist strictly prescribes these products. 

Choose Lubricant Carefully:

Lubricants are best to use when having sex. But before you select any particular type of lube, make sure you check its ingredients first. This is because various lubes contain ingredients that are not suitable for your vaginal health. It may irritate, and itch your vagina. 

As lubes enter your vagina, you need to buy a non-scented lube. Also, see if the lube has glycerin in its ingredients. If yes, avoid buying such lubes, as they are not healthy for your vagina. And later you will be required to take a vaginal health test to ensure good health. The vagina is a sensitive area, so before you use any such products, make sure you go through its ingredients. 

Do not buy lubes that contain ingredients like flavors, dyes, parabens, non-natural oils, and petroleum products, as these things ruin the pH level of your vagina, and give you a sensation of irritation, burn, or itchy. 

Avoid Wearing Tight Pants:

Another important thing is not to wear very tight pants or pajamas. This is because the vagina when wrapped tight gets sweaty and then the sweat remains for a long time making it moist and becoming the place for bacterial growth. This eventually ends up smelling and leads to yeast infection

Therefore, you must always prefer cotton underwear over others, and mostly avoid using silk or polyester underwear. Also, do not wear tight-fitting clothes, so that smell and odors do not increase bacterial growth. To keep your vaginal health good, change your menstrual pads regularly and timely. At night, do not wear tight clothes, or undergarments.

Eat Healthy Food To Keep Good Vaginal Health: 

Eat Healthy Food To Keep Good Vaginal Health

Certain foods help your vagina to balance pH levels, and increase fertility. You must eat cranberries, as it will help you tackle UTI issues. Include food that contains probiotics for vaginal health. Here are the following foods that you must consume in your diet. 

  • Fats of the plant for better sex drive, and better blood circulation.
  • Eggs
  • Walnuts
  • Apple 
  • Avocado
  • Greenery vegetables
  • Lentils 
  • Sweet potatoes.

So, these were the most important vaginal health foods that you must include in your diet to have your vagina healthy. 

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Consume Vagina Friendly Drinks: 

Similar to your stomach, your vagina also relies on healthy foods and drinks. It needs the best probiotics for vaginal health that includes antioxidants to reduce inflammation and bacterias. Such drinks are cranberry juice, greek yogurt, chaste berry, rooibos, fresh fruit smoothies, etc. 

Also, there is various useful tea for vaginal health, which not only keeps fishy smells away but also gives you total comfort during period days. Some of the most popular and beneficial tea is chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, green tea, lemon tea, burdock root tea, etc. 

Know The Right Way To Wipe:

Normally people tend to simply pat their private parts and sometimes they even don’t do that. And thus the intimate area remains wet, becomes the place of bacteria, and leads to various vaginal health-related issues. So, wiping out in the right way is very necessary. Wipe your vagina from front to back gently, and let your vaginal area dry. 

Hence, these were the tips that you must follow in order to keep your vaginal health extremely good.