Wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot will help you to understand the importance of storing earthen pot water in this article. 

Water is the most important and major source of life. With the sun at its peak, it’s very crucial to drink plenty of water to be healthy and hydrated. Always drink water with lots of minerals and other benefits to be fit and healthy. 

It’s much healthier to drink purified stored water rather than drinking tap water. However, do you know the container for storing drinking water also affects the quality of water? Nowadays getting ice-chilled water from refrigerators is very convenient but it’s not healthy. 

In India and across the globe many people prefer earthen pots or matkas to store their water. It keeps the water cool and fresh. As these pots are made from clay it keeps the water cool. 

Other than cooling, the rich properties of clay purify and intensifies the quality and taste of water. There are also several other benefits of drinking earthen pot water. So with wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot let’s discuss it in detail. 

Wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot: Benefits Of Earthen Pot

Earthen pot water is the best this summer to keep yourself hydrated and fit. It has so many benefits like:

1. Cold healthy water:

Drinking refrigerator cold water may be satisfactory in this hot summer but it’s not healthy. Instead, you can try earthen pots for cold water. As the earthen pots are made from clay it has tiny pores on its surface. This allows the evaporation of water rapidly. 

Due to this, the water in the pot cools down quickly without any refrigerator. It’s very healthy and perfect for summers to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. 

2. Mild to the throat:

Ice-cold water is very harmful to the throat. It may lead to soreness, coughing and irritation in your throat. It happens because the cold water contracts to the muscles due to shock. 

So it’s a wise choice to drink earthen pot water for your throat. The temperature of water in the earthen pot is just perfect and will not cause any harm. 

3. Is an aid to the digestive system

People who are experiencing digestion problems or constipation should switch to earthen pots. It’s not new that earthen pots act as a purifier. It has a penetrable texture which allows it to absorb harmful bacteria and impurities.

It also releases good bacteria in the water which boosts gut health and digestion. 

boosts gut health and digestion

4. Maintains the pH of the water Wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot

Earthen pot water is alkaline in nature or has a pH above 7. It’s very beneficial for your health. It has sufficient minerals including phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. These minerals are essential for your body to maintain the balance of pH level. 

Due to carbohydrates or acidic food, the pH level of the body may get disturbed and it acts like a medicinal herb to restore it. Apart from this it also helps in building a stronger immune system, metabolism and digestion. 

5. A small step towards preventing the environment

Earthen pots are eco-friendly. It’s made from natural clay which is biodegradable. As opposed to plastic bottles which release harmful chemicals in the water they can be used for a long time. It’s even very pocket friendly and can be found easily. 

6. Purification of water naturally

Other than a natural cooler it also purifies the water. It’s made from clay which absorbs harmful bacteria and prevents the water from pollutants and contaminants. Due to its antifungal and antibacterial quality, it prevents bacterial and waterborne diseases. 

Ways To Store Water In Earthen Pots:

Since ancient times earthen pots have been used for storing water. It keeps the water cool and free from harmful bacteria. These pots are made from clay which allows some water to evaporate and cools it. Besides, it also boosts the taste and quality of water. 

According to data analysis of Wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot many people noticed the change in water quality after switching to earthen pots. It also helps them to enhance their health.

Many people even claim to lose weight by drinking earthen pot water. It may be because it enhances the metabolism in the body but it’s not proven by scientists. 

For people who are thinking of switching to earthen pots to store water here are some tips to keep in mind. 

  • Earthen pots are made from clay which may sometimes contain some dirt. So make sure to wash it properly. It will be even more beneficial if you soak the pot in water for a few hours to remove any unwanted impurities and holes. 
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is to clean the pot regularly. Daily change the stored water or else bad bacteria can be born in it. 
  • Make sure to keep your pot at room temperature to enhance the cooling process. If the pot is exposed to the sun it will damage the pot and slow down the cooling process. 

Why Drinking Water From Earthen Pots Is Recommended By Scientists? 

Storing water in earthen pots is cultural in India and many other parts of the world. However, now even scientists are recommending drinking earthen pot water. Have you ever wondered why?

As per the survey by Wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot drinking water from earthen pots is very beneficial. It cools the water naturally depending on the outside temperature and humidity.

Another reason to drink this water is due to the nature of the earthen pot. It’s made from clay which helps to maintain the pH value of the water. It absorbs harmful bacteria and even releases minerals and good bacteria which are beneficial for our health. 

To some extent, it even purifies the water. Earthen pots absorb impurities from water and clean it. However, it may not absorb everything or if there is a leakage in the pot it may make the water even more impure. 

So buy the earthen pots carefully. It’s also suggested by scientists to purify or boil the water before storing it in the pot to avoid any unwanted impurities in water. 

Final Verdict:

Wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot suggests you drink earthen pot stored water as it’s beneficial. It cools the water naturally. Purifies it by absorbing harmful bacteria and impurities. Moreover, it also releases some beneficial minerals which are necessary for our health. 

People suffering from stomach problems must give it a try. It will help you improve your stomach condition. With earthen pots enjoy healthy and tasty drinking water. 

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