Positive pregnancy test picture is something that every woman as well as men must know. In this modern world cases of infertility are rising each day. Couples are very much concerned about pregnancy and its related aspects. A pregnancy test is a major aspect for a couple to look at. It is an indication of pregnancy for the couple so that they can start caring for the baby and prepare to welcome a new member to the family.

For this one must know what a positive pregnancy test picture looks like. You have just taken a pregnancy test and are wondering how to interpret the test results. Then, you are on the right platform, here we are going to discuss positive pregnancy test pictures, their evaluation and their interpretation because positive test results come in many ways.

How Does It Work?

A pregnancy test strip detects human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone that is released and increased by multiple folds during pregnancy or we can say after implantation. This is one of the first and crucial signs of pregnancy. It is primarily detected in urine and is over 99% accurate if used correctly. So if hCG is present, it’s a sign that pregnancy has kicked off. 

Pregnancy is usually done from your urine hence, you need to pee on a pregnancy test stick. This can all work differently according to the instructions given on their kit package. Some tests require you to pee directly onto a stick while others appeal to you to pee into a cup and then dip the test stick into the pee.

Is There A Possibility Of Getting False Results? 

Yes, there is every possibility of getting false results, if the method of reading is inaccurate.

If you take the test in the very early stages, you may get a false result as the amount of hCG is low at the early stage. It might also be due to an expired pregnancy test. That is why the best time to take a pregnancy test would be the day after your next expected period. 

Another reason for false results is that if you were recently pregnant and experienced an early pregnancy loss then there may be hCG in your system which will show positive results on the test but it’s not true.

Here we will clarify all the confusion and perplexities of your positive pregnancy test picture.

What Does A Positive Pregnancy Test Look Like?

When you pee onto the pregnancy test stick you’ve to put it on a clean surface facing its indicator upward. Waiting for some time as instructed on the pregnancy test kit as very essential to collect the accurate result. 

The result is displayed in different ways from test to test as all positive pregnancy test picture don’t look the same.  

Firstly, you will likely see one line appear and the window goes darker as your urine passes over the stick. This line is known as the control line. This indicates that the test is in progress. Now, you have to wait for the time it says on instruction leaflets which can vary from ten to fifteen minutes from stick to stick. 

The result should not be read too early because reading too early can give you a false result. It is ideal to take a late reading as it increases the chances of correct reading. After the instructed time is over, check the window if another line has appeared next to the control line, if it is? It’s a positive result.

Different Pregnancy Signs:

Apart from pregnancy kits showing two lines as positive pregnancy indicators, there are different signs in different types of pregnancy test kits. 

Some pregnancy tests show positive or negative signs as the result. First, a line will appear on the test window called the control line. Now after waiting for some time, the test window will either show a positive or negative sign.

  • Indicates pregnant result
  • Indicates the non-pregnant result

If we talk about a new modern digital pregnancy test kit. After waiting for some time this kit will display pregnancy test results in words like PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT.


All the pregnancy tests work differently. So it is mandatory to read the instructions given on the leaflets before using them. The instructions tell you how and what exactly to look out for the test.


Q. Are two lines on a pregnancy test positive?

Ans. Yes. If you’re taking a test from the kit that uses lines to display the result, two lines mean that pregnancy is on the go. 

After the pregnancy test is checked your next step is to visit your healthcare practitioner to confirm the result and carry the important steps further.

Q. Is a thin line on the pregnancy test kit window test positive?

Ans. Sometimes, you find a faint line on a pregnancy test that could be indicative that you’re pregnant but your hCG hormones are still building up in your body. To avoid faint lines you must take the reading at the proper time as per your expected period or you may consult your doctor for proper assessment. If you get a faint line it’s best to try again because the sensitivity of different pregnancy tests is different.

Then there is the issue of the evaporation line. It is a faint line that appears at the place of the positive result line. It is the markings of evaporated urine. It is characterized by its colourless nature whereas a positive result would be colourful which is usually pink. The evaporation line appears after the waiting time is up. It looks more like a smudge than a line.

Q. What colour indicates a positive pregnancy test?

Ans. The colour of pregnancy tests depends upon the pregnancy test kit you are using. 

  • Tests that display lines, as a result, are usually shown in pink colour. Whereas a colourless line shows an evaporation line. 
  • Tests that use + or – signs show results in blue colour.
  • Tests that display words usually show in black writing against a grey screen.

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